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Thankful for my pie-lovin’ turkey and my free bird ✌🏼 That girl would go nakey all the time if we let her. Hope your Thanksgiving was full of fun & good food!! Anyone Black Friday shopping? We ventured out for a little bit tonight but will be up early tomorrow to do some serious shopping. The online deals are huge too so I’ll be a multi-tasking shopper for sure #takeallmymoney

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Truth 🤘 __ Us Mamas often don't give ourselves enough credit. I know because I sometimes don't, and think "I should be doing this" or "Dang look at that Mommy go". But we also must remember that we ALL have those insecurities and have those times we think we could do better. __ And just when you think that ONE ☝️ mom has it all together, she looses her shit every now and then too 🤦‍♀️. __ Let this be your evening reminder luv.... 💜 You are doing a fabulous job ! 💜 You are thought of and appreciated EVERYDAY ! 💜 You are their WHOLE world, and they love you so much ! 💜 You have a nice butt 🍑😉 __ Stay Strong my Gangsta Mama, you got this 👊 . . . #momentsofmotherhood #basicmama #firsttimemom #hotmessmama #momlifeunfiltered #magicofmotherhood #toddlershenanigans #toddlering #parentingtheshitoutoflife #makingmemoriestogether #letthembelittle #stayathomemama #mumswhoworkout #mamaloveswine #mamaneedshercoffee #lifebeginsaftercoffee #yougotthismama #mamassupportingmamas #youaredoinggreat

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Real talk: I couldn’t be more grateful for this little turkey. Love of my life, heart of my heart. She’s the literal best.

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Bad to the Bone☠️🎀

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I've been tagged in a few of these "get to know me posts" and decided to join in and tell you a bit about myself. 🌿I found yoga many, many moons ago, but I didn't start taking it seriously until I was in my late twenties . 🌿I wanted to be a classical music conductor when I was a little girl 🌿I've lived in six countries in the last ten years. 🌿I loved being pregnant and didn't take one single day of it for granted. 🌿I speak Spanish. 🌿I used to have crippling anxiety to the point where I couldn't physically eat food without getting sick. I medicated for two weeks and then decided it wasn't for me. I choose to fix myself instead, and yoga helped cure me of my issues 100% . 🌿Between the woods and ocean, I'll always pick the woods 🌿I think being mum is the most important job in the world. 🌿I love reading and writing and it's a dream of mine to be published one day 🌿I only own three items of makeup now since doing a complete clean out when we went chemical free. 🌿I used to hate my own company, but now I cherish my alone time . I'm tagging @jinti_fell @jackiepetersonfitness @___laurenkate and @temple_yoga_retreats

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Happiest of birthdays to my cousin aka my boyfriend @mrstiffancy!! What better day than to say how thankful I am for your life. Although we don’t see each other too often that doesn’t stop you for always being there for me. I appreciate you! To many more, texts, memes, mom advice, laughter, gossip, celebrity crushes, tv talks and our deep life talks. Hope you have an amazing birthday and thanksgiving!! ✨💕🥂 . . . . . #postthepeople #wearthem #motherhoodunplugged #motherhood #documentourdays #momtogs #motherhoodsimplified #ig_motherhood #ohheymama #momsofinstagram #momswithcameras #myhonestmotherhood #uniteinmotherhood #dailyparenting #instagood #thegoodlife #magicofmotherhood #igmamas

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I’m so thankful for these sweet girls 😍

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Needed kids out of kitchen. Gave them each a colander and told them to go collect leaves. Quickly drew a tree with @kwikstixpaint ...when they came back we glued the leaves down. Bought me at least 30 min to cook alone🤣 Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!!!

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T H A N K F U L 🍂

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thankful for these two and another child who refused to have her picture taken. 💫

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In my early 30's I found myself a newly divorced mother of 3 , my parents and a few of my siblings had just moved to Texas and that first Thanksgiving my children were getting ready to head out to their Dads to celebrate Thanksgiving. That morning I had two options , stay bitter and sad or start a new tradition. I gathered my then three children on the couch and cuddled them up watching the Macys Day parade while cinnamon rolls ( princess toast, that my then 2 year old @j_ramsey22 called them ) baked in the oven. And thankfully 10 years later , remarried , blessed with two bonus kids added 2 more more littles to our crew and we still do this tradition. Is it a traditional Thanksgiving meal ? Of course not but its ours ♡♡♡ #blendedmotherhood #blessed #thankful #grateful #macysdayparade #traditions #magicofmotherhood