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"Our peoples been lyrcists for many centuries. Mexicah poets found a passionate audience for their work at elite banquets in the leading cities of the empire. Rulers, princes, & lords shared a love of metaphorical language & lyrical self-expression. Masters of verse & philosophical reflection recited their poems in the patio areas of palaces & noble homes, to the accompaniment of music on flutes & drums, while stars danced overhead in the profound blue night. The verses our ancestors would spit were of different subject matter. #Xochicuicatl (flower songs) focused on the pleasures & consolations of nature's beauty for those afflicted by suffering. #Yaocuicatl (war songs) expressed the fierce joy of combat & traced the movements of the mind & heart in battle. #Xopancuicatl (spring songs) celebrated the new life of the fields in spring, reminding listeners of the spirit's quickening when #maize shoots return after winter. In addition to many others! The language of the Mexicah poets was rich in metaphor. Their poetry often spoke of #SelfKnowledge in terms of "knowing his face". The face was seen as the place in which the self-resided. #Mexica #Tiahui #Poetry #RedRoad #SpokenWord #Indigenous #Decolonize #Nahua

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Pumpkin Patch is coming together perfectly and we're getting super excited for the fall to really get rockn. Hope to see you all this weekend ❤️ . . #MaanFarms

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Spot the odd one out! A shot of our #maize #harvest showing the height of the crop which towers over Caroline!

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Which do you prefer, the boiled or the roasted corn? #maize #corn