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"... So I can understand that it is not an easy matter to travel extensively over long periods of time without proper food, rest, and sometimes it must be very cold there also, and still, because you are getting so much enjoyment, spiritual enjoyment, from it, it seems like play to you. That is advanced stage of spiritual life, never attained by even the greatest yogis and so-called jyanis. But let any man see our devotees working so hard for Krishna, then let anyone say that they are not better than any millions of so-called yogis and transcendentalists, that is my challenge! Because you are rightly understanding through your personal realization this philosophy of Krishna Consciousness, therefore in such a short time you have surpassed all the stages of yoga processes to come to the highest point of surrendering to Krishna. That I can very much appreciate, thank you very much for helping me in this way. Hoping this meets you and the other men of your party in the best of health and spirits." Srila Prabhupada Letter to Prabhavisnu 1973 #srilaprabhupada #causelessmercy #spiritualmaster #bhagavadgita #srimadbhagavatam #iskcon #harekrishna #mantra #bhakti #yoga #ultimate #truth #highest #goal #timeless #wisdom #god #success #realization #achievement #meditation #breathe #love #happiness #beautiful #life #peace #goodvibes #devotion

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I think wheel pose might be my new favorite 🤸🏻‍♀️. - a picture from a different day at a different time in different lighting when I was feeling different. today I got home from work and passed out for two hours. when I woke up I was in the most unexplainable bad mood, read something negative, and just overall felt stupidly grumpy. I attempted some practice to turn around my mood, but just got frustrated because my body was NOT having it. I felt tight and tired and moving wasn't at all in my line of sight. so here I am, in bed. giving in to the tired and I'm totally fine with this. happy monday, right? @yoga_girl | #yogagirlchallenge

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But it's ok because we washed it down with a green juice....