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THROWBACK - Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy . . . It was our dream to visit Cinque Terre and to take a picture together, elegantly dressed, in front of Manarola (the most characteristic of the five hamlets). We planned to start from Riomaggiore and walk along the Via dell'Amore (love path) to reach Manarola. Well, the love path was closed for maintenance so my friends decided to take the local small train. I, instead, had the superb idea to follow the secondary path, hiking the hill which divides the two hamlets, still with my elegant dress and white new shoes on. I arrived full of dust, sweating, the shoes totally damaged, messy hair and make up, my friends tidy and beautiful already making shoots. But then we made it, in a way or another, we fulfilled our whish and I'll always take with me this pic with the memory of that day, my crazy elegant hiking (might be a new sport) the beautiful view from the top of the hill and my besties' dream which came true #cinqueterre #manarola #luguria #italy #landscape #colors #hiking #lovepath #viadellamore #mediterraneo #mediterranenanbeauty #adventure #discoveringplaces