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Told you it’s levels to this

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PSA!!! June 15th Queen Drops!!!!!! Don't let the day go by without getting your copy. @nickiminaj gave us a lil dose of what to look forward to with #BarbieTingz #Chunli and #PokeitOut but wait for the full course πŸ€” Be ready to Eat and Learn ______________________________________________ Beauty tips for Beauty Queens are available with product reviews and tutorials by @ayesha.mariah . Young ladies be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel and get your fix. _______'_______________________________________ Get your copy of "Her" by @officialeleaze The young brother has a love for the classics with a sound to match. Available now on all platforms....no Excuses to not have your copy. Get to it now. ______________________________________________ What other way can you get news and entertainment....ssshhh where the host ain't ugly..... @thekristianway Get your laughs and updates with Kristian weekly on YouTube. Start now by Subscribing Now!!! #youtubers #nickiminaj #rnb #getitnow #getyourcopy #queen #subscribenow #theclassifieds #minajesty #ytube #news #entertainment

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Tag @nickiminaj! ⚑️β™₯️ I LOVE this Extented Mix of #ChunLi (I want to be ninja) by @nickiminaj 😍 Created by YouTube : Cupcake Mashie πŸ™ŒπŸ½

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Chun-Li 😻πŸ”₯

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Nicki @ some of you barbz!!! 😢😢 some of y'all do THE ABSOLUTE MOST no other fan base roasts their faves like some of y'all be doingπŸ’― it's alright to not agree with everything she does but there's nicer ways to say things and there's lines you do not cross and y'all constantly cross every single one!! There's a difference between a JOKE and an INSULT. Y'all roast everything about this woman... nothing she does pleases you funky body btches and I'm done ‼️ she needs to act like how other celebrities are with their fans cos this shit is getting OUT OF HAND #gn she's literally too angelic for you demonic evil hoes ! It was cute when a few spams pages were doing it now ALL you hoes are trying it and it's tired and NOWHERE NEAR FUNNY