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2 hours ago

Today my momma has a big surgery. A skiing accident in high school left her with nothing in her left knee. After over 40 years of bone on bone, she is having her knee replaced. Please say a prayer for everything to go smoothly and for her recovery to be quick. Pray for the doctors and my dad to take great care of her during this time. Be brave, Momma! #kneereplacement #surgery #prayers #mommabear #iloveyou #cannotsleep #speedyrecovery

2 hours ago

And it’s up! The tree is so big I can even get a full shot. 😝 I’m glad we put it up today because both the kiddos were so out of sorts. It would have been an awful day if it hadn’t have been for Christmas decorating and pancakes. Here’s to the start of my favourite season. 🎄

3 hours ago

Macy taking the cake out to my mom💘 We Love you mother dearest, hope you enjoyed your birthday. 😘 thankyou for all that you do. #mommabear @_pattydazzle 💗

4 hours ago

At the end of the day FAMILY will be the only ones left holding you up. I love my momma and sisters SO much. They have all helped mold me into who I am today. We may not have it all together at times. But we can all rely on each other to pick each other up when we need it 💕💕 #familyfirst #sisters #mommabear #mommasgirl #crazyfamily