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43 minutes ago

Happy Birthday my sweetheart..my sunshine..myprince...myson..mylove... my everything... Happy turn 4 years old... Yusuf: Semoga yusuf jadi anak yg soleh,baik,abg yg terbaik tuk adik,yg boleh jg adik bila mama n papa xda... Yusuf: Semoga diri mu sentiasa dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera..di hindari dr benda2 yg tidak elok..di jauhi dr kemungkaran...di jauhi dr hasutan2 syaitan.. Yusuf: Adalah segalanya pada mama n papa..Mama n Papa always love you forever n ever... #HappybirthdayYusuf #Turns4 #MuhamadNajmudinYusufMohdNajib #Myboyfriend #MyLove #MySweatheart

an hour ago

There’s no words to describe how happy you make me. I’m always smiling and laughing with you, even in serious moments, then we both start laughing. 😅❤️ I love every moment spent with you and even when it’s time to go home after hours of being together I still miss you the second I leave. You remind me of all the good things life has to offer. I love being able to be myself around you without feeling judged, and of course i love that you join in on my weird and random moments. ❤️ You’ve made my life so much better already and I can’t wait to see what adventures are in stored for us ❤️