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Rasakan menjadi ibu. Rasakan menjadi bagian dr kesempurnaan wanita. Dan rasakan menjadi bagian dari surga Tuhan. Kalau bunda yang lain bisa punya anak, kenapa BUNDA TIDAK? Memang semua adalah kuasa Tuhan, tapi jika bunda tetap berusaha, maka percayalah, pasti Tuhan akan memberikannya. آمِيّنْ... آمِيّنْ... يَ رَ بَّلْ عَلَمِيّنْ. Yuk bun, konsultasikan hambatan kehamilannya segera, jangan biarkan malaikatnya kecilnya terlalu lama untuk menunggu bunda METODE PROMIL PRAKTIS DAN SEHAT DALAM WAKTU YANG RELATIF SINGKAT PIN: D574BC32 WA: 085648895501 #komunitas_hijab_indonesia #wanitaberhijabindonesia #hijabstyleindonesia #hijabootdindonesia #hijabersindonesia #cantiknyaberhijab #hijaberindonesia #hijabindonesia #wanitaberhijab #hijabindokece #hijabootdindo #ootdhijabindo #dailyhijabindo #ootdhijabers #hijabmodern #myhijabindo #diaryhijaber #hijabtrend #hijaboutfit #dailyhijab #ootdhijab #hijabdaily #hijabstyle #hijabootd #hijabindo #LIKEME #LFL #myhijab #FOLLOW #FFF

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My parents raised me in such a way that whether or not I'd wear hijāb was never really a question. They eased me into it, so that it felt like a natural step when I reached maturity. They cultivated a love for Islam in me that allowed me to wear hijāb simply because it is the divine command of God. If I [had] relied on my personal feelings for it to guide me, without a doubt, it would have fluctuated over the years. And I would have found myself donning my scarf sporadically. It was only as I got older that I could appreciate what hijāb made available to me as a self-expressed Muslim woman. Though a headscarf is very much a physical thing, the commitment to hijāb is a spiritual one too. A commitment that is renewed on a daily basis- a *momentary* one in the summer months. To me, hijāb is about detracting from the superficial- making the superficial unimportant. It is saying: regardless of what I look like- whether or not my hair is frizzy, curly or straight- I deserve to be heard. I deserve to be respected. I deserve to take up space. It is being in absolute control of who gets to see which sides of me. It is being multi-faceted. It is stunning a room full of people who believe the myth that a woman in a headscarf is a woman without a voice. It is having a voice. And then making the world listen. DM us if you want to be featured in #myhijab !