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Wish to Meet Top Unis, Uni Fdn & A level Colleges or speak to our Senior Counsellors on Studying Overseas? Attend our #WorldUniExpo on Sat 23 Sep at Suntec Convention Level 3 Hall 311 12 - 7pm. Bring along your results. For more info visit http://expo.OverseasEducation.sg #OverseasEducationSg #WorldUniExpo #Suntec #futureeducation #unifare #educationfair2017 #education #studyinternational #internationalstudents #internationalstudent #studyabroad #studying #gpa #wanderlust #singapore #nafa #SIM #temasekpoly #temasekpolytechnic #singaporepoly #teamsp #ngeeannpoly #nanyangpoly #republicpoly #mdis #kaplansingapore

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Good Morning! Love Japanese Food? Head Down To Japanese Cuisine At Nanyang Polytechnic South Canteen, Blk P, Level 2 At 180 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, S569830. Opening Hours Are Mon - Fri 7.30am - 7pm. . Featuring: Kaki Fuyong - Chicken (An Egg Base Dish With GrilledChicken Drenched With Teriyaki Sauce With A Bowl Of White Rice). [$3.30]. . This Is Definitely One Of The Nicest Kaki Fuyong, On Par With Ngee Ann Polytechnic Makan Place.The Stall Owner, Will Freshly Cook The Omelette & Then Neatly Place The Grilled Chicken In The Middle Of The Omelette. What A Deal For The Freshness & Portion! There's Also Other Version Which Includes: Prawn Or Oyster.

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“Stop focusing on the past, and start focusing on what is moving you forward,” Felix Choong, who is Deaf, shared this with us when we contacted him for a student feature article. Felix is a 2nd Year student at NYP School of Engineering​. He studied at Balestier Hill Secondary School​ (now merged with Beatty Secondary School​) and attended the Advanced Elective Module (AEM) in Nanomaterials and Applications offered by Nanyang Polytechnic​ (NYP). Through the AEM, Felix discovered his interest in material science and enrolled in the Diploma in Nanotechnology & Materials Science at NYP. For his CCA, Felix trains regularly in the Nanyang Polytechnic Dragon Boat Team​ and has developed a strong bond with his teammates. He is also actively involved with The Singapore Association for the Deaf​. Felix shares with us on how he motivates himself to achieve his goals. Q: We heard that your secondary school teacher inspired you. Care to share? A: I am very thankful to Mr Lim Chin Heng. He is a Deaf teacher who saw me as a quiet person when we first met. He shared with me how he became a more confident person through sports, and encouraged me to participate in athletic and leadership activities. In 2016, I joined the 8th WFD RSA Youth Camp 2016​ and interacted with Deaf participants from various Asian countries. This year, I helped organized the 1st National Deaf Teens Camp​ to help Deaf youth make new friends and break away from social isolation. Q: What are some of the challenges you faced in NYP, and how do you overcome them? A: As I am Deaf, I have difficulties listening to my lecturers during classes. Thankfully, the Special Education Needs unit hired a note taker to assist in my learning at NYP. When I do not understand some concepts, I can always ask my classmates or lecturer for help. We communicate by writing on paper. I also email or meet with my lecturers for consultation. Read more on our FB page NYP School of Engineering! #nypseg #thinkinnovation #createpossibilities 📷: @felixcg_

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Beautiful sharing by our student in appreciation of his sec sch teacher! 📷: @kaifonggg The palm of my secondary teacher: In the palm of my secondary teacher, i was taken care of. But i hated this teacher the most if i could remember. Just like any other typical school kids, i tried my best in challenging this teacher than pulling up my grades. But didn’t did i knew then i was willingly to leave the palm of hers and jump into the well, senses was not common to me rather than rebellion. Just like any other cool kids, challenging teacher and making their life difficult was my profession. Stopping her in imparting knowledge and skill into me, then the daily lecture we been through of how i should be a good kid. As i process into higher level, i realised the mistakes i did. The different opportunities that i once had was gone, due to the hard headed and rebellious me. Trying to change the direction of my sail back into her palm, with the help of hers i did graduated with the desired result and where it have lead me to now. I’m thankful to have her as my teacher, coaching me in life and the sacrifices she made in developing me. At times, i could see giving up will be an easier option. But with her biggest heart, we struggled through. This are the beautiful footprints we left, that have etched in my heart and mind forever. Just like your whatsapp cation “life is a dancer & i’m the dance. There are so many things in life that we can't control, but when i have accepted the dancer, and do not struggle with it, it will dance . The more i accept the dancer, the more beautiful my dance will be. And my question to you is “how do you like my dance” miss dancer(miss liew) ? @nypseg #nypseg

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At NYP, our educators play a significant role in our students' lives. To recognise educators who go the extra mile, NYP launched the inaugural Educator Achievement Award. This award recognises academic staff who have demonstrated exemplary teaching and learning practices in NYP. Of the 23 academic staff who received the award this year, 8 were from NYP School of Engineering! We congratulate our staff and thank them for their outstanding contribution and dedication to our students! #nypseg #thinkinnovation #createpossibilities Educator Achievement Award recipients from NYP School of Engineering: - Ms. Chan Hui Ying - Dr. Hannah Gardner - Ms. Kwek Siew Wee - Ms. Lim Kwai Yoke - Ms. Lim May Lin - Ms. Rajani Shankar - Ms. Lily Soh - Mr. Tan Keng Chuah

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We congratulate Hu JinDuan, Zhang WeiTao, Tay Chay Yong and Eddy Cheong Jun Wei from NYP School of Engineering for their outstanding achievement at the International Robot Contest in Korea. Kudos for making Nanyang Polytechnic and Singapore proud with your performance! We put together some highlights from their participation at this global robotics competition. #nypseg #thinkinnovation #createpossibilities

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When Self-Discovery meets LEGO, the "arh-ha" moment came with a boom! The educators from different institutions joined the Education Symposium to gain different perspectives on how Amplify Point had blended LEGO bricks (toys for kids?) into a Self-Discovery session. The participants' felt that they had a deeper understanding of themselves after the workshop. Best of all, our workshops are usually fun and fill with lots of laughter! Fun Learning Unleash Potential! #amplifypoint #lego #education #symposium #selfdiscovery #nyptweets #republicpoly #temasekpoly #singaporepoly #ngeeannpoly #nanyangpoly

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ANU Singapore Info Session on Sat 23 Sep | 2pm-6pm | Suntec Hall 311 and here is why you should check them out! 1. ANU is ranked #1 in Australia and #20 in the world (QS World Ranking 2017/18). 2. ANU consistently ranks highest in national and global graduate surveys for overall employability, as well as starting salary. A degree from ANU ensures that you will stand out in the global job market. 3. The university’s academic staff are world leaders in their fields. They don’t teach from textbooks, they write them. Get more info at http://bit.ly/2w9CmH4 or Call 6100 9800. #suntec #overseaseducationsg #nyp #np #tp #sp #rp #ngeeannpoly #republicpoly #temasekpoly #singaporepoly #nanyangpoly #npoh17 #npoh #nypoh2017 #rpoh17 #sginstagram #f1 #marinabay