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People watching is our favorite. And it's okay if they catch us, they come say hello! 🙈😆 📷: @lizzys_sweet_treats

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Wrinkles are meant to be cuddly - not stinky. Bacterial and fungal buildup in skin folds causes that funky smell coming your pups face or tail. Organic #WrinkleBalm is a 100% natural solution for treating and preventing skin fold irritation, crusty buildup and odor. It’s gentle, safe and satisfaction guaranteed! >> Follow @naturaldogcompany for the best sales!! >> Save 10% off your entire with code PUGLOVE at NaturalDog.com @naturaldogcompany [Photo by: @edthepug_]

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Looks like it may downpaw but it's ok... every raincoat has a silver lining 🐶🐾🐶

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Goodnight, everyone! Shall we play movies in dreamie land? A film crew followed me round the hospital today, it was such fun!! 🎬🎥🎬 Godnat, my special big brother Joey @joeyandgittewest4, Arnie @arniespuglife, Frank and Stan @frank_and_stan_rule_the_world Carlos and Pablo @miss.carlino_and.pugs, Alfie and Suzie @themacpugs, Alphie and Teddy @alphie.and.teddy.pug, Doug @dougthepugtherapydog and Edd and Vinny @eddthepug @pugalicious_vinny 💭❤️💭 #pug #pugs #pugsofinstagram #dailydoseofpugs #worldofcutepets #eddthepug #speakpug #thetomcoteshow #zerozeropug #squishyfacecrew #puglife #dogstagram #speakpug #obsessedwithpugs #flatnosedogsociety #badasspugclub #smilingpugs #weeklyfluff #unicorn

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Happy #nationalloveyourpetday . Bit late posting this but without Albie, our family would not be complete. When we brought Albie home it was the worst timing possible. We were moving out from our house, and unable to find another property to rent that was pug friendly, we moved back in with my parents which was not what we were planning, especially with a young puppy. Two months later Adam (Dad) had a car crash and things haven’t progressed how we would have hoped, Albie has kept us both going. Not only through that but with my battle of finding a job, he has kept us sane, happy, entertained and on our toes these past 13 months. We now look forward to hopefully having another addition later on in the year (🐶), and the hope that we can move out into our own house and continue to grow as a family. This little guy has saved us. We love you Albie Starr ⭐️

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Think you can ignore me while you eat at the dinner table and not share your tea with me eh Momma and Poppa?! Well you are wrong! I rebel! You ignore me and I will trash my bed! Ha! That told you 😈 #winstonpug #pugloversclub #obsessedwithpugs #pug #ukpug #ilovemypug #love #pawsomepugs #puglifethuglife #animals #pugsrequest #puglicious #pugsdaily #animallovers #ilovemydog #ilovemypug #pugsrock #dogsofinstagram #pugsofinstagram #instagood #pugsofinsta #puglife #pugsnotdrugs #pugsandkisses #pugstagram #puglifeisgoodlife #puglicious #diaryofpugs #pet #puglifemagazine #trending

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This pug has the coolest costumes 😍 Swipe through to see them all ➡️ and tag a pug lovin' pal!

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It’s Christmas in February! I got a beautiful Christmas card from my sweet friend Pippo @samiandpippo17 today. He sent it ages ago - I don’t know what the letter carrier was doing with it! Thank you Pippo! 📬

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Oh the things I've seen...👀🐶 ⠀ Pugs and kisses below😘💬 Tag a Pug lover🐶💕 Follow @puglove.daily ❤️🐶 Follow @puglove.daily ❤️🐶 ⠀ 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

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Thanks very much @stanleybugandthekitties for my lovely present! Ps see second photo where I fell asleep next to it! 💕💞💕💞

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It's time to get up and go out!❤️ Tell me what you think!💬 Tag one of your pug pals!💗 ⠀ 🐾 @primo.the.pug and join in!🐾 🐾 @primo.the.pug and join in!🐾 ⠀ 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟