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Honey 💖 // I'm gonna make more OCS and showcase them. But until them, what is Honey's personality

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The Angel and The Devil [2] . . . The Devil ascends in another life. Still broken, heart and mind. Yet now, The Angel descends, tending The Devil's wounded heart. The Devil is healed, and is slowly turning into a purer being. The black wings are about to wither, leaving nothing on The Devil's back. . . . (and in another life, there seems to be a chance for The Angel and The Devil to be united in a better circumstance.) . . #oc #originalcharacters #katoama #illustration #illust #digitalart #digitaldrawing #katou #amaya

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YCH FREE REQUEST!💙💙 Starting a YCH for free for those of you who want your pony drawn! . How to enter: ☑ Like this post ☑ Tag at least one friend ☑ PM me the character you want ☑ Like more of my posts for a higher chance! ☑ Follow me! . I will pick some of you until I end the free YCH! Good luck! Please read the rules: 🔵 All species of ponies 🔴 No gore, no fetishes 🔵 Only OCs that are yours 🔴 NOT a base, don't use it 🔵 Simple color and shading . 💙💙💙💙💙 #mlp #mlpfriendshipismagic #YCH #free #ychfree #OC #mlpoc #doodle #cute #freecommission

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i love size comparison statistics of creative shit for some reason so i made one for some of the species in the zerth universe. In the century the main storyline takes place, around 2260-2270, humanity is in the process of dying out entirely so there's about two and a half billion people left, more than three billion members of the civilized species (erlenkinder, goyl and bosafani) form more than half of the world population in this age. some of you might remember the aljandhi, the weird anthro goat species with five eyes, i changed some things abt them here and there and made them a part of my story again, they're now called the bosafani. different from the erlenkinder, who originate from south america and whose birthplace is basically the andes and goyl, who come from the far north, places like green- and iceland, scandinavia and canada, bosafani and dragons aren't related to the human race at all and are spread all over the world and have evolved differently, just like humans did when they developed ethnicities. There's southern bosafani, eastern ones and so on, they all have slight physical differences suited for the enviroment they live in. it's the same with dragons, except their "ethnicities" look completely different all over the earth, even though the european/north-american ones (shown in the size comparison) are the most common. The smallest dragons are the eastern ones, the biggest the north-eastern/northern ones, the ones from tropical areas and -islands look the prettiest and the european ones are the fastest when it comes to flying. . . . . i shit you not i love my dragons so much oh my god i never do anything with them why #zerthuniverse #ownspecies #originalcharacters #oc #worldbuilding