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You're never too old to stay active. • Chinese folks are much more proactive with taking preventative steps for their healthy rather than reacting only after something bad happens. It's very much imbedded into Chinese culture, with food, exercise, medicine, even mass media. Half of morning television is geared towards older audiences on how they can maintain their health. • This sets up behavior among the elderly in China thats very different than in the US. It's common to see very old people still exercising, despite visibly declining health. • They know that even though things are going downhill, it's never too late to still try. • #china #beijing #北京 #oldpeoplefitness

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The action of adapting is so wonderful to me. Humans are capable of adapting to new environments, both social and natural, and find a way to survive another day. I'm not intending to be pessimistic but I truly do believe that all we do in life is survive. Not in the way most think of survival but instead to deal with our own selves. We think differently to adapt to our current selves in order to try and keep a stable internal environment. If I'm feeling sad i long to be happy even if I don't think it's possible. We want these impossible feelings to come true — we are dreamers for gods sake. The ups and the downs. The balance of life. The seesaw of our internal playground is important to our longevity and praise. We want to love ourselves. We want to be successful. We want to make dreams turn into reality. We sit on one side of the seesaw waiting for someone else to come along to balance us out. In reality, all we need is to imagine a life where we're in control of this balance. We have ourselves and we can balance from within. Everything is a metaphor so find what works for you and go with it. . . . My other accounts. Alt: @conifermemories Project: @onerolloffilm Community: @enjoycoffeeandcameras . . #filmpalette #makeportraits #of2humans #musephoto #grain #film #silverseas #vintage #portraitmood #sombrescapes #humanedge #pr0ject_soul #pr0ject_uno #sombreexplore #sombresociety #sombrebeings #streetphotography #shootfilm #berlin #expofilm #a7s #naturelovers #streettogs #Atlanta #documentary

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lunares rojos ⚭

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A surreal place in the Dolomites.

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Cloudy days

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Missing my sister, my first muse.

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Cloudy Days

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I hate asking for help.

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Aquele ensaio pra morrer de amores ❤️

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This sun isn't mine