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a few minutes ago

Those colors though... I can't look away. Amazing job by the talented @kristinfarr . . "I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality" - Frida Kahlo . . Art Credit: @kristinfarr

15 minutes ago

"When I'm dead, put me in a plastic bag and throw me in the gutter." . 'Study from the Human Body, 1991. Oil on canvas.

18 minutes ago

the first time i ever got my hands on some oil paints and to be honest i was genuinely fucking terrified and had no capacity to understand what i was capable of. i just remember listening to the new taylor swift album (1989 had just come out) and wanting to get a star-shaped bath bomb, so i painted it. this was the day i fell deeply in love with oil paint and i am still aching to work with it again. #art #oilpaint #oilpainting #redandgreen #pinkandgreen