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Sin, to one who loves God, is nothing other than an arrow from the enemy in battle. The true Christian is a warrior fighting his way through the regiments of the unseen enemy to his heavenly homeland. According to the word of the Apostles, our homeland is in heaven; and about the warrior he says: “our warfare is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers of wickedness under heaven” (Ephesians 6:12). +Saint Herman of Alaska.

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This is for all you hunters who sin in killing God's animals. - Today we celebrate the Holy Great Martyr Eustathius together with his wife Theopiste, and their two sons Agapius and Theopistus. This family of saints is possibly one of the most interesting and unique biographies in the Orthodox Synaxarion. Saint Eustathius lived as a pagan military commander under the Roman Emperor. Due to his love of charity and great virtue, the Lord did not allow him to remain in the darkness of idolatry. One day while hunting, Eustathius spotted a deer which looked him right in the eye. As the deer stared at his hunter, a radiant image of the Crucifixion glowed from between the deer's antlers. A voice from God spoke to him, saying Who He was and what His plans were for his Saint-to-be. Eustathius went home and told his wife the strange event, only to learn his wife had a dream the night before where she was informed that she would soon come to know the true God. The whole family was baptised and soon, Eustathius heard a voice telling him of his impending sufferings, like that of Job. His cattle plagued, his servants dead, and his home ruined, Eustathius did not complain, but rather fled with his family to live a simpler life. On the way, the captain of the ship they were sailing left Eustathius and his children on shore, keeping Theopiste to himself. In an attempt to carry his children across a river, Eustathius lost one as a lion snatched the boy away, while the other was seized by a wolf. After many seemingly coincidental events (all according to the will of God) the family was miraculously reunited in Rome - his two sons served him as soldiers and his wife as an attendant to the soldiers, all unknowingly. When they began telling each other their stories, they then realised that it was each other they had lost so many years prior. After a battle was won by Eustathius and his children, the Emperor Trajan ordered them to sacrifice to the pagan gods. They refused and were then subject to torture. Their final punishment was to be placed in the brazen bull, only to find that it would not harm them, but peacefully reposing without a hair scathed by the heat. #deer #fawn

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E ainda temos outro item na PROMOÇÃO em homenagem ao Dia do Ortodontista, somente hoje!!! 😜🤗😃👏🏻👍🏻

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*Please don’t comment on this thread, if you do I’ll delete them. Just DM your comments or questions. * INTRODUCTION: One of the main and obvious issues dividing the Latins and Uniates from the Orthodox Church is the papacy. The Latins and Uniates (Eastern Catholics) teach that because Christ gave Peter the Keys of Heaven and authority to bind and loose (Matthew 16:18-19), his successor in Rome holds a direct and immediate supremacy throughout the entire Christian Church. But is this true? Did the early Church hold this view? No. (Continued in comments)