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This is ridiculous idk who I'm more mad, Zaza or the Thunder. If this would've happened to Jordan, Reggie Miller, or Isaiah Thomas (Detroit pistons) best believe their teammates will go OFF on Zaza. The team needs to do something once they see this. Zaza is just dirty. #nba #bringbackthe80s #beingbackthe90s #russellwestbrook #paulgeorge #nba

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I’m sorry I haven’t posted about this until now... I had to gather my thoughts lol. I never thought I could be so angry at a professional basket player in my life. Russell Westbrook did nothing to provoke this man. Zaza wanted to hurts Westbrook’s knee. There is no way around it. He had the audacity to say he was childish for calling him dirty to. Just last year this man stood over Westbrook when he pushed him to the ground like he was tough or something. Draymond and Zaza are the two most dirty players in the modern era. The league has to do something about this. I think there should be a 15 game suspension without pay. Set a example to make him NEVER do it again. If he does again. Ban him from the NBA. Thats the only way. Period point blank. In other news we played out worst game of three season but pg13 won’t play like this in the playoffs so I’m not worried. On to the Next the #thunderup

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How realistic is it that LeBron James and Paul George both sign with the Lakers this summer? What should the #Lakers do in NBA free agency? #LakeShow 📷: @clutchpoints

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Do you think Lebron will remain in Cleveland after this year? If not where do you think he goes?

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NEW SERIES: Crazy Polls/ I’ll do these on the weekends. But Lebron a better scorer than Melo?! Lebron may have more career points than Melo but he is bigger and can get to the hoop easier than Melo can. Melo is a better scorer than Lebron, that’s what he mainly does too. Lebron can’t hit the clutch shots when needed. Doesn’t really matter if it’s in the regular season because there’s no pressure if you miss it and if you make the shot, it doesn’t really doo anything besides add another W. Comment your thoughts below #clevelandcavs #lebronjames #kevinlove #jordanclarkson #bostonceltics #kyrieirving #alhorford #houstonrockets #jamesharden #chrispaul #clintcapela #goldenstatewarriors #stephencurry #kevindurant #okcthunder #russellwestbrook #paulgeorge #itshouldhavebeenlauri

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Y/n does Paul George stay with okc next year?

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#paulgeorge says the Thunder, who fell to seventh in the West last night, are “not concerned” about where they may be come playoff time.

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She has no idea. How’d she finesse these seats...?

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Don’t sleep on Dame. He had 40-10-5 last night 🔥. And hit a game winner for the Blazers! This guy needs a better bench to be able to make a playoff run. It’s pretty sad to think what Dame could accomplish with a better roster. He is a top 5 PG in this league and it’s sad to think that people disagree with that statement. Comment your thoughts below #clevelandcavs #lebronjames #kevinlove #jordanclarkson #bostonceltics #kyrieirving #alhorford #houstonrockets #jamesharden #chrispaul #clintcapela #goldenstatewarriors #stephencurry #kevindurant #okcthunder #russellwestbrook #paulgeorge #itshouldhavebeenlauri

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Paul George knows better 🗑️

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