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I wanna play, but I also wanna get wrapped in a blanket and snuggled home! It’s cold! Stay warm!!

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when you just want it to be the weekend.

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Blue jean baby 👖 watching some TV with my dad on this cold, snowy night ❄️

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(A very late) thank you for the Christmas cards and goodies! *self-extending Christmas for as long as I can. 🎄 #picklesthefatcat

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Thug life chose me!

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👈 Checkout our bio for something cool! Tag an animal lover! 🐕🐺🐹🐴🐷 Double tap please 😃 God bless!

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Amigos se nota mi cara de felicidad de que mi mamá me puso esta pijama ? Nooooo me gusta mamaaaaaa !!! Quiero andar bichi aunque estemos a cero grados ! 🤪❄️☃️🌨 #freezing #coldoutside #coldweather #perrobichi #byepijamas —————————————————— Recuerden seguir a @laperradaregia Para que conozcas a los perritos más cool de todo #Monterrey!🐶😎✌🏻 📢 Sigue a @mexico_pet_friendly para que conozcas los lugares de México, USA y Europa donde puedes ir con tus peluditos! ************************************************ ➡️➡️➡️Sigan a mis amigos @la_banda_mexican #MexiCan🐶 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Don't forget to follow my gang & all it's members @dapawclub Use #dapawclub for a feature 🤘🏿💙 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #bokol #frenchiesmexicanos #frenchieoftheday #bulldogfrances #frenchbulldog #frenchbulldoglove #frenchbulldoglife #bulldogfrancesmty #bulldogfrancesmexico #doglover #dogofinstagram #dogoftheday #petoftheday #petlover #mty #mx #topdogsofinstagram @petfriendlymexico @perrhijosmonterreyoficial @topdogs_of_insta #perrhijosmonterrey

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In Hounddog's Book of Life, it reminds us to "judge not"... To live with the grace, and strength not to jump to judgment. I began to learn this lesson before Wallace came home. He had spent an extended amount of time in the shelter's infirmary during his time there. I was the animal control officer at the time we met. The employees at the shelter, and I recognized something very special about him. We couldn't believe he wasn't getting adopted during his time out front, in the "cat room." I wondered what was wrong with him... He would stress out, his respatory condition would flair back up, and he'd be back to quarantine in the infirmary. The feedback we received from potential adopters was that once he got fired up, he might play a little too aggressively, and "he licked them too much, and his tounge was really ruff". (He did have some OCD thing about licking people too hard! LOL) I was informed, an hour before he was to be "put down." I could not allow that, no matter what was wrong with him. I had sworn not to bring home another rescue. It was never my intention to. I called for the first, emergency Team Wallace meeting. It was unanimously decided to give him a forever home. Within that hour, we brought him home. Over the last 16yrs, we cannot imagine finding, and having the privilege of such an amazing companion. He taught me I could find a true love without realizing it's right in front of me, and that it was time to receive that love. Who knew the greatest love would come from, and be given back to the misunderstood Wallace. I'm forever grateful we didn't judge him too harshly at first meeting. We are forever thankful it was us who rescued him, because in turn, he rescued us. The adventure continues ... #hounddogwallace #rescuecat #luckycat #cat #adoptdontshop #coolcat #theadventurecontinues #wallaceknows #ohwallace #pet #petsofinstagram #petoftheday #catsagram #catsoftheday #instacat #catlover #mycat #ilovemycat

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Bun with spidey senses 🕸

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5 mins in and she gives you this look

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If I go wait by the car, surely my hooman will take me for a drive!! 🚗 #whatflynndoes

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Baby Bamboo is getting so big!! 🙀😻

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Tiny buns 🍑

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Im so hungry 😂😂😂 Which friend is it ? Tag him 😋 Credits by @boochaces