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Grudges is like a hook of chain that floods up hatred to create no space of happiness. Hope is real, with prayers for miracles to happen with healing. Holding the eagle feather to swing it down gently, to handle a positive vibe and the wings of eagles can glide. Standing on the shore, feather floating above the water and it’s possible to fly to the heavens. #poetrycommunity #poetry #poems #poemsofinstagram #eagles #nativepoet #landscapephotography #landscape_captures #water_captures #naturephotography #cliffs #neontario #outdooradventurephotos

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. “The Golden Cloak...” Artist: Erte

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I take a good look into the solitary confinement that is my heart. I keep it locked away safe, hidden so no one dare shatter it. Don’t tell me no stories of how I am a strong person. A strong person as I would know that a glass can only be dropped so many times before it shatters. Will you tell me though? As I await your face in the dark of the night, will you tell me? Will you tell me everything that is wrong, and then some? I think not, for it’s the solitary confinement of the night owl who sounds my ear, not you. I will not make you speak when your vocal chords are constricted, but I too can scream. With a thud she fell down the stairs of a crisp cold night. Her head hit the stone so hard I was afraid she was dead, or worse. But how can something be worse than death? Is death not the final act we all make? Maybe there’s something beyond the realm that we choose to ignore. Ignorance is bliss, because what we don’t know won’t hurt us... or will it? There are many that believe the truth has its own way of coming out. This may only be of truth if society is said to be a sane one. I can not grasp all of the shadows that haunt the vault behind my secret bookcase. Locked away, locked away where no one can find, but they can listen. Listen, but beware, the sounds you hear may be frightening. In my dreams I see you, in the night shadows trying to creep out from where you are supposed to be hidden away, but you’re not. I will not say that this is an easy life I lead, because it is simply not. Sometimes I hear the voice when the wind is silent, and I am alone with the cold chill of the winters ice. I can not grasp it. I can not grasp what it said to me. I take a good look I into the solitary confinement that is my heart. I keep it safe locked away, so no one dare shatter it. #poetry #mypoetry #poems #poetrycommunity #poetryslam #poet #poetsofinstagram #poeticjustice #poetrybook #poetsociety #art #artoninstagram #artist #artists #artistic #artistlife #artistsofinstagram #photo #photography #photographylovers #photographer #photooftheday #photoshoot #photographylovers #naturephotography #nature

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a power, not a product.