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Got nothing new so here’s an old one I haven’t posted yet

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🔹🔻🔶 be yourself 🔶🔺🔹

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Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. October 2017. From Taiyuan. Studied Chinese literature and graduated. Moved to the south. Weather. Opportunity. Networking. Nowadays teaches Chinese in a language institution. "Lucky me, my boyfriend was my former student". Her family want her back home. Almost 30 and not martied yet. But she does enjoy the rythm of the city. Freedom. Independent. She does look forward sometime soon to open her own small teaching centre. Misses the homemade noodles from her hometown. Which she just want to buy for dinner since we have talked about. Not as good. But not as bad either. . 谢谢你的微笑 影集 "xiè xie nǐ de wēi xiào" Series Game is on Cheers guys! 👊🏽💥

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When it finally starts to feel like Fall🙌🍂🍁

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Excited to be home and with this lovely lady tonight.

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Other girls hated her but followed her every move, like peasants to their queen. With @that_lazy_gal