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2 days ago

China Town tulips ... 2nd version . I'm still 'meh' on how they ended up looking, but I have no more patience for a 3rd version.  And this winterish weather doesn't help with my inspiration or mojo. I know, excuses 😅

2 weeks ago

This Tuesday I am playing with my inversions to get upside down, challenge myself and have some fun in the process. It has been a long time and I missed it:-) 🤸🏻‍♂️. This practice showed me though that nothing is set in stones. Practicing yoga is about love, kindness and compassion to yourself and others. It’s about constant practice and commitment. And sometimes I am all there and other days I lack of commitment and I feel frustration and want to find a shortcut. You know what? Ha! It doesn’t work that way. Both in life and in practice. If I want to achieve sustainability, I have to acknowledge what I feel and embrace those feelings to let them go and get back on my mat, on my practice, on my life. Sometimes, I fall and that’s how I can come back and try again, keeping myself on track and accountable. Yep...... there are really no shortcuts! 🧘🏻‍♀️ #growonandoffthemat #manaleganiere #yoga #singapore #process #noshortcuts #inversion

a month ago

So many bits and pieces to fix, but this is fun, fun, fun!! - my not-so-gentle attempt to do a proper exit in cartwheel shows that it’s still a work in progress 🤸🏽‍♀️ 🌈Many thanks to @tadam.circo

2 months ago

Postoje one pesme za koje su ti potrebne godine skupljanja hrabrosti da pokušaš da plešeš uz njih. Za mene je to "Enta omri"... Usudila sam se da probam. Možda jednog dana uspem onako valjano da je iznesem. Do tada samo vežba 😊 #ninamalika #oriental #dance #raqssharqi #danzadelventre #orijentalni #ples #orientaldance #love #malika #orientaldancer #dancelife #love #lovedance #dancetoexpress #sljokice #malikaorientaldance #costume #sparkle #bellydance #bellydancer #orijentalniplessrbija #practice #improvisation #practicemakesitbetter #entaomri

4 months ago

#handdrawing #practicemakesitbetter #feet #artistherapy so this week the challenge is feet. I am not good at feet, but I guess that's the whole point of a challenge. So here is my first set of feet in years 💚 I didn't mind losing myself in my world tonight it was peaceful

5 months ago

Advice to new Tarot readers: Can I tell you a secret about how to get better at Tarot readings? The secret is this - you will always pull the right cards. You just have to trust that. And when you start, WRITE IT ALL DOWN. I mean it. Every time you do a reading, write out the full meaning for each card. But ALSO write down your impressions of the card BEFORE you actually read the meaning from the book. What stands out to you? What does it say to you? In a lot of ways, it's about trusting your intuition. If you are doing a reading with a specific spread, you will also want to think about how that card in that particular position might be understood, and, then, to look at how the cards work in relation to each other. I know it sounds complicated, but, honestly, it's like any other skill - it just takes practice to make it better. I recommend doing a reading for yourself every day. Just a simple, one-card reading. Write down your impressions first, the meaning from the book, think about it, reflect on it, and write those reflections too. Then either put it to the side (in a safe place, of course) or put it facing the opposite direction as the other cards, and the next day, put it to the side when you shuffle the deck to pull your next card. When you are done, you will have looked at each card. Then shuffle them all back together and start over, this time leaving all the cards in the deck. Then you will see if there is a theme or notice if the same cards keep showing up over & over. And they will, sometimes, until we work through the situation or learn the lesson we need to learn. #tarot #tarotreadings #tarotreaders #newtarotreaders #divination #mythictarot #intuition #practicemakesitbetter