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an hour ago

Barbz I’m taking a hiatus break I’ll be back in June Culinary school is really starting to get difficult in the beginning of the module it was easy Module 2 is really difficult plus I got to study for my interview for a job opening position love you barbz be back soon. 😘 #nickiminaj #barbz #barbz4life #queenofrap

6 hours ago

This woman inspires me so much every single day. I can't get over how much I adore this woman and how much strength she gives me every day. God bless this amazing legend and damn anyone who speaks ill of her! #LilKim #QueenB #FurQueen #QueenOfRap I love you @lilkimthequeenbee

6 hours ago

Best interview of her career 😌 dont @ me

7 hours ago

Me tomorrow because im gonna be looking cute