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Grazie all'iniziativa "Indovina chi viene a cena" ieri sera abbiamo conosciuto la famiglia Capota. Ci hanno accolto a casa loro come se fossimo dei vecchi amici. Siamo stati così bene in loro compagnia che siamo rimasti fino ad oltre l'una di notte, parlando del più e del meno, raccontandoci i nostri sogni, i nostri problemi... A fine serata ho pensato a tutte quelle persone che si precludono la possibilità di conoscere un'altra cultura, basandosi su stupidi slogan pubblicizzati da partituncoli e ritenendo valide le informazioni falsate trasmesse dalla tv. Queste persone perdono una grande possibilità: quella di conoscere l'umiltà, la dignità, la semplicità ed il coraggio di chi è costretto a lasciare la propria terra per trovare un futuro migliore. E aggiungo buona la torta!!! Grazie alla famiglia Capota e anche a Carlo e a sua moglie! Grazie a Equality APS e ai partners di questa iniziativa. #racism

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I DO NOT AGREE with this. It is alright to accept compliments about how beautiful you are no matter what skin tone you are lighter or darker. Being fair skinned I do not think I need to be apologetic about it by demeaning myself by not accepting genuine compliments no matter what my skin tone is. In turn if you see someone dark skinned who you consider physically beautiful make it a point to compliment them too! I don't find every fair skinned person extraordinarily physically beautiful just like I don't find every dark skinned person extraordinarily physically beautiful. We have a responsibility to be equal. If I have two daughters in the future how can I tell them that it is okay for one of them to accept compliments about her beauty just because she is dark skinned and how can I tell the other she can not accept compliments about her beauty because she is fair skinned? Every skin colour is beautiful and there is nothing wrong with accepting compliments about your skin colour and appreciating the way you look as long as you are not demeaning someone else's skin colour and the way they look. . . . . . . #saynotocolourism #colourism #saynotoracism #racism #whitepeople #brownpeople #blackpeople #yellowpeople #fairskinned #darkskinned #stopdiscrimination #itworksbothways #equality #everyskincolourisbeautiful #skincolour #skincolor #darkskinisbeautiful #fairskinisbeautiful #paleskinisbeautiful #gora #kaala #makeitnormal #makeitequal

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I have been digging the bold feminist graphic t-shirts lately, coz feminist. 🙄 so happy to get this at a 10% discount from @poppyapparelshop 🙌🏻 you can too with code✨ HappyTogether10 ✨

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Who live in Texas cause that storm was not normal. That was the loudest thunder I’ve heard in the life and the lightning struck smth. My power went off and on 6 times I’m scared 😭

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Les Black Dolls envahissent la Maison Rouge : 200 poupées noires créées aux Etats-Unis entre 1840 et 1950 réunies par la collectionneuse Deborah Neff et visibles pour la première fois en France. Des petits êtres de bric et de broc à l’histoire étonnante et au style singulier. WOW !

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This post is about a white guy being pressed about something I posted - the tweet about black people being biologically superior to other races. THE TRUTH. As I suspected, in the beginning he listed a couple of things that had nothing to do with black people being biologically superior - like Vitamin D and testicular cancer... 😂 I expected a white person to come along and say something like that, that's why I didn't bother reading it. So I was just gonna leave it at that. Then @lilllwheeezy @'s him back, preaching, and he starts talking shit about how black people wanna look white... and brings Jamaicans into the conversation... for some reason. So I clapback, he tries to clapback but fails, so I ignore him. The last few slides is him tagging me in a UFC(?) fight. The black guy kicked the white guy in the leg, but the white guy did something to make the black guy fall, and he lost. Simple as that. He's now talking about how my post asked him to name a benefit of white skin... WHICH IT DIDNT. I asked him to quote where it said that, he never even got back to me... A message to white people, y'all are irritating as fuck! Holy hell. If you have a problem with me and my page, THEN FUCKING LEAVE. Otherwise my block button will gladly escort you out. I've already blocked 8 of you in this ONE MONTH. There's always room for more. @yourfavouriteblackgirl

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Smh! That's #Amerikkka for you. Regrann from @ancestorseye9 - Repost By nuestra_patriapr: This is a brother who is currently providing power to 14 countries in Africa while employing over 5,000 people and has also launched a solar academy to educate and give people the tools to sustain not only the power but themselves! This is being a colony looks like, when pioneers in a new wave of energy offer their support and are turned down over politricks and money! Gotta love being Boricua where our lives mean nothing but money and power! 🤷🏽‍♂️! #Akon #AkonLightingAfrica #PuertoRico #Colonialism #Racism #Politricks #Politics #Amerikkka #Colonialism #Imperialism #VivaPuertoRicoLibre - #regrann

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Sorry that the last post was deleted! I wanted to do a new theme and I will still be posting people’s stories. I am doing this sector of our project. Me and Isis will not just be working on this but a series of short films and blogs. ————————— OTHER WOMEN ARE NOT YOUR COMPETITION, I’ve realised that many girls feel slightly intimidated by each other especially in my local area. This shouldn’t be the case, maybe you think they are prettier or have a nicer body but honestly the grass is always greener on the other side. Maybe that girl is going through issues of self esteem too, I think finding other women as competition is what leads to girl on girl crime. I’ve seen many a girl judge another for their selfie being a ‘thirst trap’ when it’s just a normal selfie. We should be encouraging each other not putting each other down for feeling confident. - Anna #WokeTeens2018 #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #support #blacklivesmatter #racism #bodyimage

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A horror film about racism? Of course! After all racism is a terror! "Get Out" is assertive in his situations in a shocking way, and is cleverly calm in his terror. A movie with true sensations. For more horror movies like this. . Um filme de terror sobre racismo? Claro! Afinal de contas racismo é um terror! "Corra!" É assertivo em suas situações de modo chocante, inteligentemente calmo em seu terror. Um filme de sensações verdadeiras. Por mais filmes de terror assim. . #getout #oscar2018 #oscar #horror #terror #racism #racismo #people #black #white #great #movie #horrormovies #cinema

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I’ve been very quiet I’m the last few days because I lost 2 months worth of PhD work (😭) which at this stage of the game is a little like losing an arm. Anyway, @williamsonartofficial has been hard at work and this is the latest addition to the series heading over to NYC in a few weeks. Taken from the title of the film, ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ which if you haven’t seen already, you really should. * * * * * * #JamesBaldwin #iamnotyournegro #art #artlife #race #racism #america #contemporaryart #artwork #artshow #artgallery #artfair #nyc #artnyc #nycart #skull #artcollective #artcollector #artblogger #artdealer #blackpanther #blacklivesmatter

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E o racismo num país miscigenado como o Brasil não existe? É tudo falácia? Conte-me mais! Porque a "moda" é bonita no branco, mas no negro é sujeira. Não é moda! É aceitação. É raiz! " Quem te ensinou a odiar a textura do seu cabelo? Quem te ensinou a odiar a cor da sua pele de tal forma que você passa alvejante para ficar como o homem branco? Quem te ensinou a odiar a forma do nariz e a forma dos seus lábios?? " Trecho de um dos discursos mais famosos de Malcoml X, palavras que fazem todo sentido pra mim, palavras que por muito tempo eu não entendi, mas que hoje consigo compreender. E finalmente enxergar claramente que o problema não está em mim, não está na minha pele, não está no meu cabelo, não está em meus traços. O problema vem dentro de você, ser humano limitado, cheio de padrões pré-estabelecidos sobre mim, com base apenas na minha aparência. Eu sou mais do que você vê, sou fruto da resistência e da luta de muitos. Sou fruto do sangue, do choro e do suor dos meus ancestrais. Sou aquela que causa desconforto aos seus olhos por estar em lugares que na teoria seriam seus. A crueldade do racismo é escancarada, é tão cruel ao ponto de fazer com que seus próprios irmãos reproduzam atos racistas, faz com que um preto ache engraçado compartilhar falas e fotos com teor preconceituoso. O racismo envenenou tanto vocês, IRMÃOS PRETOS, ao ponto de não perceberem que ao compactuar com falas rudes, estão atacando vocês mesmos? Não deveria ser o momento em que nós todos estaríamos juntos?... " #Racism #Racismo #Resistência #BlackIsBeautiful #Mood

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If you voice your cause yet in the same breath diss someone else's, you are part of the problem. Why would oppression be wrong to only your people, but ok for others?🤔 #StrengthInSolidarity

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We put flowers in the barrels of guns during the war away from home As a symbol of peace Calling for the end of unnecessary death And to this day we keep marching the streets But we’ve discovered something much more beautiful than flowers There’s a voice, and it’s being heard now that we’ve all empowered each other to speak . Let the counter speak ill We are not what they paint us to be For they know nothing of our colors Equality fictionalized on the tv For entertainment While they fill prison cells and graves with our familias and our brothers . It’s time to put the Guns down America You’re acting like a child It’s time to listen to your mother . // . This ones special ~ influenced by the pains our nation is currently facing & the everlasting influence of @kendricklamar ‘s very own ‘DAMN.’