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Roxi Roxi Roxi... #happybirthday 🎉 Girl we have been at it forever! I can't even recall my life without you. I really really have no recollection of me without you. We aren't even friends anymore...a new concept has to be invented to define the magnitude of our relationship. I love you off sooooo baddddd!!!!!! You are my soul peer 🙃 I respect you as woman, I admire you as a mother, I love you as a friend and I am bonded to you as sister. You mean the world to me and I will be here for you always. #nonewfriends 🗣*drake voice* I am so blessed and privileged to have you be apart of my life. There are certain people in your world that you know for a fact had to be there and you are definitely a MUST for me. I love you until my breath runs out and even then I would haunt your ass and love you up some more 😁 Love Always, Your B. #bestfriends #forlife #rideordie #soulpeer #cantgetbetweenus #queen 👑 #love #forever #realfriends #family #sisters #iloveyou #happy29 ❤️