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Why Stop? #366redfaces #day365 Is today the day you make a change? Did you know it's really easy to add this habit into your life? My #redface rules are: πŸ“Do intentional exercise every single day. πŸ“Ensure you exert yourself enough to get puffed out/ sweaty/ RedFaced πŸ“A minimum of 5 minutes a day πŸ“Take a photo of your face after you get redfaced. It's up to you whether you share it on social media I challenge you to attempt #21redfaces - 21 days in a row following the above rules. You too can see how creating this habit can change your life! ❀ This image is from: 30th December 2016 I'm now increasing my goal to #1000redfaces. Every day without a doubt I have been getting #redfaced now for 365 days and this has been my best year yet! I see no need to stop when this habit has improved my life ❀ Tomorrow will also be 366 redfaces abd this is when I will align the day number with the redface number to make it easier moving forward ❀

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See that smile⁉️See those stairs behind me⁉️ I conquered 1200 STEEP stairs... I feel AWESOME πŸ‘Š