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Our newsletter for the New Moon in Scorpio s out! Did you get it? You can sign up here: http://eepurl.com/c9_4CX Don't miss out on this fun information I gather for you that details the journey our moon makes through its phases!

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My new moon ritual idea that will help you to feel cleansed renewed. This ritual is best done between November 18th -21st Stuff you need: * A container or a bowl * Salt, from kitchen salt to Himalayan salt * Oil, any you prefer * Your favourite essential oils * Your favourite crystals * Pen and Paper * Smudging tool Directions: 1. Using sage or incense or other smudging tools, cleanse your aura, your ingredients and your space. Put some music on. 2. To make the salt scrub. Get your container, add some salt and a drizzle of oil. You want the salt to be oily and bind to become a lump , add a couple of drops of essential oil and some herbs and florals too if you fancy it. I used some almond oil infused with lavender and marigold, and some frankincense and lavender essential oil. 3. Charge your salt scrub by placing a crystal, above, below or around the container. 4. Take your pen and paper and write an affirmation of what you wish to release and shed ,and, what you wish to welcome. Place the paper under the container or the crystal and leave it all to charge overnight. 5. Take a shower and use the salt, use all the scrub and as you use it repeat your affirmation, cleansing and shedding what no longer serves you, and welcoming all that you wish to receive. Acknowledge and thank the Universe and repeat three times "I am reborn and I am whole". As you can see I went a bit nuts with the crystals, using celestite, angelite, a rose quartz angel, emerald and malachite xxx Let me know how it goes and how you make your scrub? #sacred #divinefeminine #witch #astrology #ritual #rituals #crystal #oil #essentialoils #intentions #intention #magic #saltscrub #magic #wicca #angel #bathritual #divine

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🌚New Moon Vibes🌚 Use the new moon in Scorpio, which is filled with transformation and change, to write down some of your deepest desires and intentions for the next 6 months. My new moon ritual consisted of: *Intuitive yoga flow *Meditation *Chakra centering with crystals *Intention setting *New moon Tarot reading What do you have planned for your new moon ritual?✨

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This Tuesday there’s an open discussion with @miriamaustin, #AnnaHughes, @taishani, @florence_peake at @bosse_and_baum, Peckham, 7 - 8:30pm: Lotus, a group show, is on @bosse_and_baum until 25 November. Open Wed-Sat, 12-6pm. The exhibition features the work of seven female artists, draws on traditions of myth making, magic, ritual, and performance, to create a dialogue with the rich feminist artistic and literary history that explores the presentation of the self and offers occult ways to re-imagine history’s flow. Engaging with ideas of tradition, myth, mysticism and the occult, seven artists work towards alternative visions of the past and future, offering strategies for making, practicing and performing that re-conceive notions of tradition, deep time and prophecy. Poised precariously between a futuristic utopianism and nostalgic dreams of re-enchantment, these artists establish esoteric solidarities in working and making that serve to ground new, feminist histories of the self. The current exhibition, Andromedan Sad Girl, at Wysing Arts Centre, with Florence Peake and Tai Shani, taps into these ideas. Drawing on their research into structures of feminism, their immersive installation is an imagining of what a pre or post patriarchal site could be. Peake and Shani are interested in exploring the fluid mythologies and imagined futures of lost civilizations. The artists take an archaeological excavation as a point of departure to imagine and represent non-hierarchal, pre-historical or futuristic civilizations, imagined through ambitious new sculptural works and wall paintings. @florence_peake @taishani @miriamaustin @wysing_donna #lotus #myth #fluidmythologies #mysticism #occult #ritual #andromedansadgirl #feministhistories #imaginedfutures #prepatriarchy #postpatriarchy #lookingforward @maryhurrell @wandawieser @hollywhite4eva @candidapowellwilliams

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New Moon in Scorpio β™οΈπŸŒ‘πŸ’• My angel card for this next moon cycle is, SOULMATE πŸ’˜ Let love guide you, do not grasp or hold tightly to things not meant for you. Love will always bring you back to yourself and that is where the truest connections are made, soulmate connections. New Moon Blessings Everyone! πŸ’–πŸŒ™βœ¨