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We come as a team

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Qual o seu propósito aqui na terra?

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Dem Vans

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Weekend mode on ✅ What are your plans for the weekend?

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He is seven month old and he is with us for five months now and to be honest, bengals are the best cats to keep close to humans. They are the most friendly creatures and so responsive to different emotions. They meow in different manners for different occasions, literally like if they are talking to you! Dalí is very talkative boy and comes every time when we call his name. Bengals are super intelligent too, they do not support any negative vibes in house and always come to rescue you :) all based on señor Dalí. Well DON’T GET 🚫a bengal, if you are not sure if you can give them as much attention as for children. They are very dependent on the owner and perhaps the only cats who give love as much as dogs. We love Dalí so much, he is an 😇 BEST CAT 🐱 #meow . . . . . #cat #ilovemycat #bff #bengal #kitten #rkoi #instadaily #photooftheday