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a month ago

Kmaal ne ohh lok👉🕴jo sade toh #sadd 😠😠de ni . . Mehfila apniya👉👬👬 lgaunde ne #gallaan 👄 fr v #saadiya 👉🙆‍♂️ krde ne

a month ago

I still remember my first day of my school😊😊 My mutha took me to the school named NHEMS..were the first day I cried a lot seeing somany strangers😭😭 Later that strangers made me happy throughout these 14 years ... And my school days are getting over.. And I'm gonna miss all😑😑.. The memories we created are always on my heart ....😘😘 #schoollife #schoollife📚 #nhems #saadiya #ghssudma

a month ago

Kmaal ne oh lok jo sade toh sadd de ne 😎 Mehfila Apniya lgaunde ne Gallaan fir V #Saadiya krde Ne

2 months ago

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