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Love my orchids - and yes, I have many. Or several? Definitely more than a couple! I have two reblooming right now and a third sending up a new flower spike, but I love the plain green leaves, too. This pattern might need to go on a @piperpottery pot!

41 minutes ago

A little bird told me I was featured over on @pdblais’ feed - how exciting! If you ever want to listen to all things pottery, Paul’s podcast - The Potters Cast - is super cool!

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☀️ Going Out To Eat ☀️

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heres some of my favs rn edit: not all the songs showed up instagram is rude

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😂 love it

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Oh my goodness, I love roasted veggies 💚💚💚💚. No need to reheat them, they are delicious cold. . . One nice thing about this timed nutrition deal is that I don’t have to think about what I’m eating (well, I guess I do when I meal plan) and when - it’s all laid out. I’m eating things I wouldn’t normally eat after school and actually fueling my body with enough food 👍🏼. . . I know it’s only day 3, but I feel better and I’m definitely eating healthier 😊. #winning #afterschoolsnack #mealnumbertwo #veggies