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Patchouli Elemental Association: Earth Astrological Sign: Scorpio Deity Associations:  Aphrodite, Pan, Osain Gender: Feminie Parts Used:  Leaf Magical Uses: Patchouli smells like rich earth, and so has been used in money and prosperity mixtures and spells. It is sprinkled onto money, added to purses and wallets, and placed around the base of green candles. Also, owing to its earthiness, Patchouli is used in fertility talismans and is also substituted for ‘graveyard dust’. Patchouli is added to love sachets and baths. Patchouli is used to attract people and to promote lust. Burn as incense for: Drawing Money; Fertility; Protection; Defense; Lust; Banishing; Releasing; Love; Earth; Underworld. Aromatherapy Uses: Acne; Athlete’s Foot; Cracked and Chapped Skin; Dandruff; Dermatitis; Eczema; Fungal Infections; Hair Care; Impetigo; Sores; Oily Hair and Skin; Open Pores; Wounds; Wrinkles; Frigidity; Nervous Exhaustion; Stress Related Conditions. Key Qualities: Stimulant in small amounts; Sedative in large doses; Aphrodisiac; Nerve Tonic; Appeasing; Calming; Uplifting.  #money #prosperity #love #lust #protection #banishing #fertility #patchouli #magick #rootchakra #solarplexus #crown #earth #saturn #intothemystick #stlpsychic #stlmedium #scorpio

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I've just finished the cover for my new song “Obe The Nightflyer” It's a cover with strong symbolism. All the shots were taken on a 3D model created on the computer. COVER DETAIL (Saturn) ♄ Saturn at the base of the spine was not a random choice. Put in that position to hold up because of its gravity. He is the lord of time, he does not know the hurry and explains that with the right commitment, patience and tenacity, the hoped results will come. Called the "guardian of the threshold", allows us to advance as long as a profound self-analysis work has been completed and the necessary change has taken place to move forward and not to stand still. #newsong #cover #symbol #saturn #new #art #3D #digital #artistic #art #artist #artoftheday #artsy #beautiful #creative #draw #drawing #gallery #graphic #graphics #illustration #instaart #instaartist #instagood #masterpiece #photography #photooftheday #picture #sketch #sketchbook

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@Regrann from @williecooper_91 - ..Reality is Fuckin Strange. .I Don't Doubt that Some of the Money Raised will go to the Victim's of these Hurricanes, Harvey/Irma.. But this is how the Rich Stay Richer and get the Public to Fund they're NGO's (Non-governmental Organizations). Do you Honestly Believe these Demons?? Just look at Them All, Do you Really think they are Picking up Calls or Doing Anything other than Acting and Reading a Scripted Teleprompter?? Instead of the Very Wealthy using they're Money to Solve these Issues Themselves, they Beg and Ask for the Struggling Working/Middle Class to Fund these Initiatives. ..They're were 11 Different "Charitable Organizations" throughout the Telethon which is = 11 Different Corporation/Businesses, with Costs, Paid Employees, Salaries, Travel, Resource Cost. ..Remember these Charities are Receiving 100s of Millions at a time, which Allows them to Influence Global Affairs and are Friends or Fellow Coven Members to the Hollywood Satanist.....So did the Hollywood Satanist and Freemason News Media "Help" Humanity?¿? The Answer is Somewhat Yes, They made Money for Elitist Organizations, Play/Act for the Cameras and "Help" Some of the Public. ..for Hollywood this is as close at they will get to Helping Humanity..They Don't Give a Fuck About Us, See Past the Veil. . #Wakeup #newworldorder #question #truth #predictiveprogramming #depopulation #ancient #greatdeception #jesuit #chemtrails #yahusha #vibrations #matrix #love #cloningcenters #transhumanism #saturn #cyberpunk #ironandclay #distopiancity #freemason #NASA #HAARP #projectbluebeam #subliminalmessages #awakening #cern #introvert #reality #spiritual

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It seems most of the stuff we imagine finds a way to appear in the universe. Sometimes I think the Death Star symbolizes our own moon. It's cold, devoid of color, it doesn't generate light yet reflects it. Somehow though-we need it up there, in a backwards way it helps support life. _____________________________________ It seems death and life are interconnected, never to be separated. Just as the moon is the same size as the sun (to our perception), death and life are two aspects of the same Thing. Maybe we call that thing consciousness. So this universe is the actual "Coin" and Life and death are but the heads and tails. Death is life flipped upside down. #starwars #deathstar #yinyang #nasa #mimas #saturn #earth #empire #moon #light #lazer #coin #universe #rant #theory #spiral #circularthinking

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Behold, Cassini! One of Mankind's greatest achievements. Last Friday Cassini made it's final plunge into the depths of Saturn, ending it's 13 years of orbit around the ringed planet. 13 years of exploring the unknown, 13 years of some of the greatest images ever captured, and 13 years of untold scientific data. Cassini gave us a close up eye on one of our solar system's most beautiful wonders. One of the many discoveries by Cassini is when it observed water plumes erupting from the icy moon Enceladus. We now know this distant moon holds a warm salty ocean underneath it's thick ice sheat that has all the ingredients for life, making it one of the most scientifically valuable planetary bodies in our solar system. Not only did it observe from the sky, but Cassini also landed a probe on Saturn's moon Titan where it discovered liquid methane that behaves similar to water here on Earth. Imagine a world here in our own solar system where liquid methane rains from the sky, creates rivers that carve out massive gorges, and has massive liquid methane oceans. I've never felt so sad over something so bizzare. A small space probe that ended it's mission. While we can still observe Saturn from a far, for now the curtains of discovery have closed. We won't know when the next water plume erupts on Enceladus, or when the next monster storm breaks out in Saturn's atmosphere, or how the planet reacts as it travels farther from the sun in it's 29 Earth year orbit. But what I do know is that I'll continued to be 'wowed' every time I look up at Saturn in the night sky, and I'll continue to push myself to discover what makes my life so great. So thank you Cassini! #cassini #saturn #space