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hello again ☺️ // Nach langer Zeit versuche ich nun das Projekt „bookstagram“ noch einmal zu starten. In der Vergangenheit ist es mir schwer gefallen, Bilder zu machen mit denen ich über längere Zeit zufrieden bin und da ich ein sehr selbstkritischer Mensch bin, war das für mich bis jetzt immer der Knackpunkt. Jetzt hoffe ich jedoch das ich meinen Stil gefunden habe und somit auch Gefallen daran finden werde mich mit euch über Bücher, Serien und Co aus zu tauschen. Aufjedenfall wünsche ich euch noch einen schönen Rest Mittwoch und ich freue mich schon sehr auf eine tolle Zeit mit euch allen. 💛 #firstpost #bookstagram #monakasten #saveme #lyxverlag #booknerd

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Again!? 🤦🏻‍♀️😫 . Gahhh. I hate repeating “lessons” or mistakes or anything. It makes me so mad at myself. But this is a flaw in the “karmic lesson” system. When we blame ourselves for every bad thing that happens to us, we put ourselves in a very powerless position. When we do that, we relinquish our free will. Not only that, karmic lessons sometimes leave very little room for self-love and being gentle with ourselves. Mistakes happen - sometimes it was a karmic lesson, and sometimes it was just a mistake. Regardless of your belief system, there is no benefit to self-punishment. You do not “deserve” the lesson, you may have needed it for your soul to grow... but it doesn’t mean you’re deserving of bad things to happen to you. Try not to let buzz words or other people’s beliefs become your inner dialogue/negative self-talk or give you permission to label yourself poorly. As we know about these cognitive distortions, they are bad for our mental health. Give yourself more credit than that. We are all doing our best with each moment - moment-by-moment. Learn from every lesson, yes. But don’t punish yourself for needing it. ✨ . . . #buzz #spark #fried #lessons #karma #selflove #traps #mentalhealth #cognition #therapy #done #overit #saveme #why #cognitivedistortion #kermit #kermitmemes #kermitthefrog #memes #memesdaily #jokes #jokesonjokes #memetherapy #humor #laughter

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내 심장소릴 들어봐 제멋대로 널 부르잖아 이 까만 어둠 속에서 너는 이렇게 빛나니까. #방탄소년단 #bts #saveme

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My face everyday after looking at my fucked up disgusting exam schedule. How could they be this cruel😭😂bloody retards. #hateexams #saveme #helpmegod

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Aku pernah terkagum pada parasmu yang begitu meneduhkan Tutur katamu yang lembut Senyummu yang menenangkan Dan perlakuanmu yang kadang membuat ku tersipu malu Dan aku rela menunggu tak kenal waktu hanya untuk berbincang denganmu Bagiku, kamu adalah rindu yang selalu membiru.. Ketika aku mengingatmu, Masa lalu. #flowers #photography #instagram #thisisme #nezechot #saveme

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3CE Velvet Lip Tint #SaveMe Harga : 175ribu Isi : 4gr Deskripsi : 1. Texture lembut dan creamy dengan hasil akhir Matte 2. Tidak menimbulkan efek kering karena Mengandung Pelembab 3. Longlasting dan Pigmented 4. Aplikator sangat mudah digunakan 5. Cocok untuk semua jenis kulit Memiliki 10 varian warna: Daffodil ❌ Taupe Going Right❌ Near and Dear Save Me Pink Break Childlike Best Ever Private New Nude

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#Repost @gurl_fromcali with @get_repost ・・・ #Repost from @_fourgoodpups_. Over 300$ in pledge on fb HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!! EXTREME EMERGENCY!!!!! PLEDGES AND COMMITTED FOSTER COULD HELP TO SAVE HER LIFE!!! this dog will be pts if not rescued or adopted!!!!! please network, very urgent!!!! she has major dental disease, 12 yrs old, and has a mass on her thigh not sure what type but will try to find out. Dog - ID #A1421375 I am a female, red and brown Chihuahua - Smooth Coated. The shelter staff think I am about 12 years old. I have been at the shelter since Feb 13, 2018. This information was refreshed 25 minutes ago and may not represent all of the animals at the Riverside Shelter. If I am not claimed, after my stray holding period, I may be available for adoption on 02/17/2018. We are unable to respond to phone and e-mail inquiries concerning individual animals. For more information about this animal, call: Riverside County Animal Control - Riverside Shelter at (951) 358-7387 Ask for information about animal ID number A1421375 #riverside #california #freethechi #chihuahuasofinstagram #saveme #seniordogs #ftcnow #rescue #adopt #foster #rescueme #shelterdog #indanger

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