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Good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year. 恭祝健康、幸运,新年快乐

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Today we had made our feeling of love extravagantly/lavish in each and every relationship and why this is so?? Coz we residing in the place where expectation hooked gravely.You expect from others to blow up your life with lightheartedness and what...if it stay staunchly to a sterile life..You become shabby and bulldoze yourself in mournful situation.So never make yourself feel frenzy for any expectation it will just show you the door toward cimmerian shade/duskiness and depletes your love for others and depletes your soul battery.What you will radiate will definately thrust back to you.If someone doesn't go through the roof of your expectation Refrain from half baking ur love for them.Love should be monotonous in your ride towards whole journey.The day when you wash hands from your expectation from tough and shrewd thoughts that day you will exit from the door of unconcious soul...and not being tragic and insted being perky from what you have you will find yourself within depth of your soul and apt to dwell a gloomy life.You will start feeling airy and Soul will accomplish new levels of enlightment ...start loving beyond the bounds and sew up an unblemished love till the death do us apart _________________________________________ #unspokenword #mythoughts #myfeelings #powerofpositivity #inspiration #positivethinking #motivation #sayings #words #motivationalwriting #life #inspire #positivity #positivethoughts #love #positivewaiting #goodvibes #happysoul #wordstoliveby #positiveenergy #loveyourself #staypositive #beyond #livelovelaugh #beyourself #goodenergy #happygirl #deeplyrooted #stopexpecting #startloving

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Amen to that 🙏 I feel the most comfort and confident when I have put in the effort to put an outfit together that mirrors my personality and makes me feel like I'm the best version of myself 💃🏼it can take a long time to figure out what kind of person you are, but start putting some outfits together and it will be a good start to figuring out who you are meant to be and what leaves the best first and last impression 💖happy Monday

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Agree? 🙂👌👇

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I didn’t cry or nothing but this shit almost got me 😪