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Awe, thanks again @allure 😍 Love this spotlight on our Soothe gentle cream wash. Here is my favorite part: "The best part is that after using this stuff for a week, my skin started looking more than just fine. It looked and felt kind of great: supple, pliant, even-toned. That’s why this cleanser wins all the merit badges." Soothe works. It's gentle. Free of harsh soaps, dyes and irritants. Perfect for those oh so #sensitive friends out there who are looking for the perfect wash! {link in bio} 😎 #treatyoself #skincareandstyle

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WOW Treat your skin with love and sweetness. Savouring each natural crease and line. Put only goodness in and because in the end your natural beauty is best. • As the largest organ of the body, your skin not only absorbs lots of nutrients, but it can also take in a number of toxins each day. Since your skin acts as your body’s barrier against those toxins, it’s so important to be aware of just what you’re using. Make sure you can understand all the ingredients in each and every product. #supportlocal #localsrule #shopsmall #enjoy #essential #organic #sensitive #skincare #bekindtoyourself #balance #nourish #maintain #100%natural #healthy #skin #handcrafted #active #botanical #ingredients #smallbatch #oils #exfoliants #tonics #mineralsoak #madeinwellington #nz #wikiloves #skintherapy #beauty #healthychoice wikiskincare.co.nz

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Sometimes honesty is so hard. We have had so much loss in the past year and half and there is no easy way to protect little hearts and feelings. Mama in me wants to spare their innocence and tell them something less sad but having to lie to them over and over as they don't understand is not an easy feeling either. But are they mature enough to understand the truth? Can their little bodies handle the hard emotions that none of us understand? When we become pet owners, we take on this responsibility even though we really don't want it. I have struggled with this so many times. I don't want to see them hurting. I take it all on myself. But today I told them the truth. And now I feel even more heartbroken. Loss is hard. My heart is a ton of bricks. I just want to shelter us all and just love these animals forever. 😢❤️