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ON “TOO MUCHNESS” AND “NOT ENOUGHNESS”: . There is a very painful dichotomy that can come with being a highly sensitive person… . On the one hand- the world seems to give you the message that you are somehow “too much.” And yet inside, you are constantly feeling that you are “NOT enough.” . I can still feel the agony of growing up and feeling so deeply misunderstood. It seemed I was “too much” for everyone- my friends, my family, my teachers… I remember having these intense waves of feelings, that were just so big, and I struggled to articulate the ocean of anxiety and sadness that welled inside of me. Yet the world told me that I was “dramatic,” “overreacting,” “making a big deal out of nothing,” taking everything “too personally.” So as a young girl I thought there must be something wrong with me, I must not be feeling things “correctly.” My experience of the world must be somehow “wrong.” I felt so lonely, so different. I longed for someone to understand what it felt like to be me. I longed for someone to help me with all these feelings. But I also believed the messages I was getting. I believed that I was “too much.” And yet somehow, on the inside, that translated to me feeling not good ENOUGH. There was something wrong with me, I believed, so therefore I had to work harder to be liked, to belong. I had to make up for this inherent “flaw” I believed I had. So, I pushed down that ocean of feelings, I tried my hardest to ignore it (mostly failed at that, LOL), and I balled up my fists and went about the business of “proving” that I was “enough,” by trying to be everything everybody wanted me to be. By putting myself last. By pretending to be something I wasn’t. . It is heartbreaking how we can lose ourselves in trying to prove our worth. When the truth is, you are worthy just by being you. You are lovable just as you are. You have nothing to prove. You matter. Your feelings matter. There are really and valid and not only can you trust them you MUST. And no one, including you, should get to tell you that are “too much” or “not enough” anything. Period.

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New last name, new location... and so... I’ve got a new business card thanks to @staples!

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You know what, if you know me you know my fascination with zodiacs and stars and how they align and work. I don’t base my life on it but sometimes these are pretty spot on. If you don’t understand a way someone is, check out their sign. ♏️ #scorpio #strong #independent #fearless #sensitive #passionate

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Another round of (AAA) Arms, Abs and Ass!! 🍑 and my happy face because I’m about to be fed 😋 👉I’ve been loving getting back into my routine of waking up and smashing my workouts first thing! It puts me in an amazing mood 🤗 which is so surprising for this currently hormonal woman!! Also, feeling super bloated but somehow still feeling lean 🤔 I’ll take it! 😂 I’ve been working really hard!! 👉 Also loving how sore I am after every one of these workouts, yet I am mostly staying in one position and doing slow movements!! 😂🙌 and I already can tell the booty and ab gains!! 😈 👉Currently all cozied up and about to enjoy my Friday night with a lil bbq and beer 🍻 because why not!? I am not about that perfect life 🙅‍♀️ I need balance. I’m too much of a foodie 😂🤤 #workhardeathard 👉Oh and don’t forget to hit a sista up if you want to be apart of a gym that allows cuddle sessions with your pets mid sweat 😏🐺❤️