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hott !! WHO KNOW WHO IS SHE ⁉️

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Nesta quinta, 18/01, a turnê #SexOnTheBeach continua no @fasano! E eu espero vocês, a partir das 21h com muito rock in roll! 🤘🏽 Couvert artístico: R$80,00 Para reservar antecipadamente, envie um e-mail para londra @fasano.com.br, com as informações: Nome da reserva, data da reserva, horário da reserva (nesse caso o bar abre às 20h e a reserva é até 21h), número de convidados. #errejota #fasano #musica #rio #riodejaneiro #rj #rock #rocknacional #rpm #pauloricardo #ontherock #PR

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L U X U R Y S O A P W H I P So many delicious flavours to choose from 🌿shop our collection at👉🏽www.ollieandmecollective.com

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Cocktails for Pre's! Hey guys! "Cocktails for Pre's" is the first series that I am introducing to the page. This series is designed for party goers on a tighter budget than most so that they can make amazing cocktails without breaking bank! "Pre's" is a term that people use when they are having 'pre drinks' at a place whilst getting ready etc, before going all out on the town|. The very first cocktail is the absolute classic that everyone knows! Sex on the Beach 🏖 Ingredients: 50ml Vodka 30ml Peach Shnapps 50ml cranberry juice 50ml orange juice|. Glass: hurricane|. Just simply pour all ingredients into a glass filled with ice! Alcohol rating- 4/10 ⚫️🔶⚫️🔶 #cocktails #drinks #sex #sexonthebeach #mixology Photo credit: @drinkadvisor