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正確版本應該是要穿泳衣泡在在水裡甩髮的⋯⋯ But, 實在覺得水太冷➕沒帶備用衣服, 所以, 只好空甩 只好岸上空甩 只好穿著完整岸上空甩⋯⋯⋯⋯ 話縮這趟澳洲之旅, 我最大的成就便是拋開偶像包袱➕拋下羞恥心👍👍👍 By the way, Millaa Millaa 真的非常非常漂亮♥️♥️ 說有多筆直就多筆直、 瀑布流瀉而下多無障礙就無障礙, 美!!! #Queensland #waterfall #Australia #roadtrip #sistertrip #20170912 #millaamillaawaterfall #感謝嚕嚕和小乖幫我拍空甩

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Day 8: Spectacular day touring Switzerland!! Enjoyed a boat cruise on Lake Luzern this morning and journeyed up Mt Titlis this afternoon on gondolas. Also got to ride in the ice flyer which gave us an even better view of the gorgeous landscape of the Swiss Alps. The morning started out cloudy but then the clouds lifted and we had a view of the entire countryside. So breathtaking 😍 These pics have NO FILTER whatsoever! • Finished up our day with a Swiss dinner complete with Swiss music, dancing, and yodeling. I was called on twice to participate in both the dancing and yodeling 😂🙀 What a full, wonderful day!!!

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Yep. My trip is complete. Got to see my son, give him a great big hug and spend the rest of the day with him...London is AMAZING!!! Feeling so grateful to be here and see all of my husband's favorite things! #cadburys #flakes #london #sistertrip @estroud08 ❤️❤️❤️