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🖤🖤🖤 Limitowana wersja etykiet 🐰 #bunny 🐰 #veganok #natura🌿 Lawenda, cytrus, a może bazylia? 🍊 Transparentność składników i... ten królik 🖤🖤🖤

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"There's a silent peace \ In the tragedies \ Water washes clean \ Until they're dry \ Turn your shattered dreams \ Into rhapsodies \ This is where I keep you in my mind \ I need you to be free \ So this is where I leave you \ Sitting in a palace covered in gold inside my head \ This is where I see you \ On a bed of roses when I wanna kiss your silhouette" #palace #hayleykiyoko #lyrics #holloweyed #bleedingheart #pen #sketch

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Again my Ocs(i corrected the first name-in the previous post i wrote Tj instead of Ty😑) As already said, soon i will make small comix with these fuor! Thanks for all these who continue to follow me, you make me very happy😭💓

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Sk8 or die