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Every person is created in the image of God and should experience the freedom he has planted in our hearts, but for so many trapped by forced labor and human trafficking, that is not the case. | This afternoon, as I drink my tea, I am aware of how comfortable my office is and how accustomed I am to the simple pleasures denied thousands of people being exploited every day, and all-too-close to home. | Visit @enditmovement to learn more about what you can do. #enditmovement #humantrafficking #endslavery #slavery

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We can all make a DIFFERENCE and spark CHANGE! Wherever you are. Whoever you are. You can help END IT. Tell loved ones, friends, teachers, parents, co-workers, communities, cities and the WORLD that you’re in it to END IT! 💪🏼❌ #enditmovement

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Visiting Ghana's Cape Coast as a person of African descent is both upsetting and perplexing. To learn of the inhumane treatment suffered by enslaved blacks here is a punch to the gut. And yet, one cannot ignore the beauty of the surroundings: the long stretches of golden beaches peppered with fishing boats, the palm trees and blue skies that seem to go on forever. I had to force myself to remember that it was on these very same beaches that enslaved blacks were sold, corralled, abused, and transported to the Americas. And that, of the hundreds of thousands that made the journey, around a quarter perished. The atrocities of the Transatlantic Slave Trade may be long gone, but they are never forgotten. What a sobering experience to come here and see the place where it all began...or ended, depending on how you look at it. . . . #ghana #capecoast #slavery #thisisafrica #okayafrica #everydayafrica #tastemakersafrica #globelletravels #goddessesinghana #sheisnotlost #wearetravelgirls #femmetravel #ladiesgoneglobal #meettheworld #blackmagic #iamtb #dametraveler #traveloffpath #sidewalkerdaily #travelnoire   #blackgirlstraveltoo #wegotoo #blacktravelfeed #girlsborntotravel #essencetravels #blackslayingit #dametraveler #worldnomads #beforeidie

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An estimated 20-45.8 million men, women and children are trapped in various forms of slavery around the world, including the US. The @enditmovement is working to expose and put an end to this. To show your support visit enditmovement.com to get information on how to help stop slavery around the world. Today, draw a red X on your hand to show your support #enditmovement #enditnow #slavery #redx

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Uma pausa na escrita da tese para uma campanha importante. 'Shine a Light on a Slavery' é um movimento super bacana que chama a atenção para necessidade do combate ao trabalho escravo. O movimento é organizado pelo @enditmovement . Conheça mais sobre o trabalho deles. Esse x vermelho na mão é a forma de protesto. Soube do movimento através do perfil do @27mbrasil . Pesquise e participe também. #enditmovement❌ #shinealight #shinealightonslavery #slavery #loveit #27mbrasil #endslavery #fimdaescravidao #light #brilheumaluz #justiçasocial

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- Draw a cross on your hand. - take a selfie. - post on your social media. - Tag #enditmovement And join us in the fight against slavery; because each human being have the right to be free. Yes slavery still exists in 167 countries around the world and traffickers enslave 27 millions people. Everyday, children, women, men lose their liberty: The liberty to work as they want, to dipose of their Body, to think... Simply they can't be like us: FREE. We are in it to End it @enditmovement @ijm @natebuzz #shinealight #slavery #freedom

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The @duckdynastyae family is in it to END IT! Let’s keep raising our VOICES for FREEDOM! 1. Draw a Red ❌ on your hand 2. Take a selfie 3. Post to social media using #enditmovement Our voices are LOUDER when raised TOGETHER!

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There are millions of trafficked sex slaves in the world today. Up to 100,000 of whom live in the United States. Last year sex traffickers made $100 billion in profits. That's more than Intel, Microsoft, Nike, Google, and Starbucks combined. The average age of entry into the sex trade is 14 years old. #traffickedmovie @traffickedmovie #enditmovement #sextrafficking #endhumantrafficking #endit #awareness #slavery #humantrafficking #traficodehumanos #esclavo #movimiento @enditmovement

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Too good not to share. Thanks Abby #Repost @abbyrose712 ( @get_repost) ・・・ “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”— Robin Williams ❌Despite being illegal in every country, slavery still exists in 167 of them; that’s 87% of nations worldwide. An estimated 27 million humans are still enslaved. ❌Slavery generates an estimated $150.2 BILLION in yearly profits (more than Google, Amazon, and eBay combined). ❌over 55% of forced labor victims are women and girls. Let’s be the voice for the oppressed. Let’s raise awareness for those who have no voice. Let’s shine a light on slavery. #EndItMovement

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- Today, 22nd February is a day we choose to shine a light on #slavery , slavery is a world wide problem that requires a world wide response. Proud supporter and member of @enditmovement , join the voice of millions fighting against the addiction of pornography. Together we will end it .. #humantraffickingawarenessday #enditmovement WE ARE IN IT TO END IT ❌.

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Today we shine a light on slavery by letting the world know that slavery still exists! #enditmovement

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Thank YOU Peyton Manning for SHINING A LIGHT ON SLAVERY! This is our MOMENT to raise our voices together and make a SHOUT for FREEDOM for those who can’t speak for themselves. ❌ #enditmovement

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Slavery still exists in the world today and it effects millions. Join the #EndItMovement and shine a light on slavery today. Draw the ❌ and start the conversation.

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❌❌Let’s END it!! ❌❌ Slavery generates over $150 billion dollars in profits per year still through out the world. There is more work to be done. I stand with @enditmovement in trying to provide awareness of the problem we have of slavery and sex trafficking through out the world. Please, take action. Post a picture with this red X on your hand. Tag @enditmovement and hashtag #enditmovement in your post. This is to raise awareness. Please donate as well if You can. Thank you!!!❌❌ #ImpactTheWorld - - - #enditmovement #slavery #sextrafficking #freedom #love #motivation #inspiration #instagood #hope

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I didn't know until today that there are more people who are in slavery right now than at any other point in history. This is crazy! How is this still a thing? "END IT Movement and its 16 non-profit Coalition Partners are working together to expose the truth behind a reality that most don't realize still exists. END IT is issuing a call to action today by encouraging people to draw a red "X" on their hand and post to social media using #ENDITMOVEMENT to shine a light on the real-life issue of slavery and share this symbol virally." #enditmovement❌ #enditmovement #slavery #charity #charitychallenge #running #socialgood #nonprofit #fundraiser #fundraising #donate #activism

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Slavery generates an estimated $150.2 billion a year. That’s more than Google, Amazon and eBay combined. Today is our day to change that statistic! Today we draw a red X on our hand to raise our voices for those who don’t have one. Slavery still exists today and it’s NOT OKAY. Today I’m standing up to slavery. Will you join me? ❌ #enditmovement

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“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” -Martin Luther King Jr. . ❌ #enditmovement . Slavery generates an estimated $150.2 billion per year in profits. That's more than Google, Amazon and eBay combined. TODAY is OUR day to CHANGE the statistics.Our voices are LOUDER when raised together. TOGETHER we can END IT. . ❌ #enditmovement @enditmovement @martinlutherkingjr . END IT Movement Makes Global Mass Awareness Push For Modern-Day Slavery With Sixth Annual 'Shine A Light On Slavery' Day END IT Movement, its 16 Coalition Partners and Freedom Fighters worldwide rally to eradicate slavery by sporting red X's on their hands today. . #Slavery #slaverystillexists #slaveryofthemind #slaveryisalive #slaveryinterruptedblackhistory #slaveryinamericatoday #slaveryiswrong #SlaveryNeverEnded #slaveryinamerica #SlaverybyAnotherName #SlaveryTax