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🌼Probio5: It's a high grade 3-in-1 freeze dried probiotic that has not only 5 of the most beneficial bacteria strains but also 4 digestive enzymes, and an antifungal that specifically targets candida yeast. You know, that stuff that causes bloating, digestive issues, headaches, acne, eczema, anxiety/depression and the list goes on. Love this one and start everyone on this! 🌼VitalBiome: Our newbie to the lineup! This has 8 beneficial bacteria strains that are specifically linked to improving mood, stress, anxiety and overall happiness! That in addition to helping digestive and immune health. Friends are noticing better mood AND sleep with this!! Yes you can use these simultaneously and it's encouraged! Different strains have different functions. Gut health controls so many aspects of our health so these are a must. #guthealth #probiotics #mood #sleep