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This is probably the one thing that ima be so mad on through anything in my life: when any parent, especially caribbean parents, try to force what they want u to be in life. If any parents read this, im sorry but i aint sorry for what ima say (and i dont care if im inexperienced, i can tell when theres bs). When you have a child, you raise them to the best of your ability & support them in everything, yet the parents keep telling us to "be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or nurse" or else we gonna get sent to what ever caribbean island we from or become a disgrace to the family. Sad thing is, many of these jobs 1. Will put their child in a sh*t ton of debt, 2. it's not easy finding a place to work in these jobs & it's getting harder & harder to do so, & 3. a lot of us are not meant to work in such jobs. Matter of fact, we would hate it with a passion. If putting your child/children into a job that they hate because it was YOUR dream to be in it, then I say to you you're crazy. You're literally putting their life on the line in terms of mental & possibly physical health. Think about it: they get the job. Now they work for a few months & see that they hate it or maybe they already new they'd hate it. Now imagine that they slowly deteriorate into a state of massive unhappiness for the ife they're living...but them keeping you happy & throwing theirs away is important right??😑😐😒Screw that garbage. That's my 2 cents on that smh -- Comment below if you can relate to this😑😐😒💯 -- #caribbeanparents #annoyed #screwthat #liveyourdreams #generationgap #smh #pissedoff #stubbornoldgenerationparents

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Bad news always comes when you trying to keep your head up... #smh

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I’m under the impression that Siri believes it’s Human being. 😀 #technology #smh

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🚫Stop it🚫