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a week ago

Let me introduce you to my wonderful daughter, Fiore Lèmmi! She’s a character I created a solid like 5 years ago and I recently revised her design. I was supposed to get this out for halloween, but my art block had other plans 🙃 i hate the bg but what can you do.. Rose looks good tho. Also please appreciate the pendant, it took a lot of effort ;;; . . . . #softguro #halloweenart #kindof #notreally #butletspretend #originalcharacter #oc #digitalart #softgore #idkifitisornot #digitalpainting #wowwhataremytags

a week ago

Poor attempt at a mecha girl 😅 I would have put more clothes on her but I couldn’t put cloth on her and metal clothes was too challenging so here we are 🤖👾🤺

a month ago

Its a bit late, but i did it!! 👍💖 I wanted to do somthing for halloween and came up with this! 🎃💖 - What took the most time was the background! I REALLY didn't know what i wanted!! 💦💦 - Ended up playing a bit with lights, shadows and effects until i got happy with it. But that just made it even harder to make a background that fitted💦💦 2h later i managed to get somthing that i felt happy with and decided to include the one without effects too!😉 - ⚠Edit: I decided to reupload it bc the quality was really bad and it bothered me💦 - ⚠Edit 2: Quality is still really bad and it is still bothering me but i just dont seem to be able to fix it💦💦 ill upload it on DeviantArt so if you want to see it in a better quality make sure to check them out there (link in bio) - #halloween #schoolgirl #pinkblood #decapitated #softguro #symboleyes #symbol #blood #cuts #yandere #digitalart #twocoloreseyes #hetrochromia #knife #colorsplash #glowing