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T-Mobile and Sprint are reportedly talking about a merger… again -- The current state of affairs, according to the report, is more heated on Sprint’s end of things, with Sprint’s parent company Softbank allegedly stating its willingness to part with the wireless carrier if a deal could be made. Meanwhile, T-Mobile CEO and pink clothing collector John Legere would be the presumed head of the combined company. However, the report also notes that T-Mobile isn’t quite ready to absorb Sprint, and isn’t far enough along in the legal or logistical aspects of a proposed merger to even say whether or not it’s possible. Of course, even if such a deal could be struck, the marriage of two of the nation’s largest wireless companies would undoubtedly have regulators salivating. The deal would have to be approved by the Department of Justice, and that would mean a lengthy review process during which time a million different things can change. @tmobile @sprint #tmobile #tech #news #technology #sprint

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你停駐的是掌你生殺的地域, 而你卻振翅著無聲的雙翼, 療癒著所有呼吸的生靈。

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🚵🏽💨Das vantagens de pedalar que eu não estou tendo. 😔