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Hey guys! This is Brodie from @officially_starwars 🙇🏻 this account was originally Officially Comics but it wasn't really working out. I had a friend try and run the account and neither of us really had the passion for it 🤷🏻‍♂️ so I'm changing it to something I am passionate about...toys and collecting 😎 Some of the most awesome people I've met in Instagram are so passionate about collecting and it really inspires me to show that side of myself. I want to share other people's work as well as start to really appreciate what I have 🤓 let's have some fun! Thanks guys 💯

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Konnte heute beim Science Fiction Treffen im Technikmuseum in Speyer Hans-Georg Panczak (Deutsche Stimme von Mark Hamill z.B. als Luke Skywalker und u.a. Emporio Ivankov in One Piece) und Dominik Auer (Deutsche Stimme von z.B. Tuxedo Mask, Inu Yasha und Samwell Tarly) . Dominik Auer hat meinen Tuxedo Mask Funko geupdatet 😁 . Und dem BB-8 konnte ich nicht wiederstehen 😁😁 . #sciencefictiontreffenspeyer #dominikauer #tuxedomask #inuyasha #samwelltarly #hansgeorgpanczak #lukeskywalker #markhamill #emporioivankov #deutschesynchronsprecher #synchronsprecher #starwars #starjäger #bb8 #autogramme #funkopop