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Up bright & early to make my way back home to Tennessee after the most amazing weekend retreat with my team. My heart is so full I could cry.. jk I already have like 93738 times, but it's the good kinda cry❤️ . . Lots of prayers & tons of coffee for this road trip back. Love you ladies SO much. Make it a great Monday morning, y'all!

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Perfect power couple: Cook together Laugh together Train together Grow together Grind together Love you angel 😘💪🏼 #mcm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #fitcouple #healthycouple #fitgirl #mcm #fitfam #fitspo #mondaymotivation #gymlife #training #lifestyle #strongertogether #livinghealthy #exercise #couplefit #perfectcombination #parejas #entrenandojuntos #gymfit #fitforlife #fitness #happyhealthylife #yeahthatgreenville #greenvillesc #engaged #soontobemarried

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Paris est si petit quand on court! . . Samedi coulée verte avec les Asics front runners 👣 Ambiance au top et comme j'avais oublié mon ticket de métro j'ai profité de chaque km et de chaque sourire croisé sur le parcours. Ya du monde en sortie longue en ce moment !! 🏃♀🏃♂🏃♀🏃♂🏃♀🏃♂🏃 . . Dimanche Buttes-Chaumont avec les Spartan Run Paris 💢 Un peu de dénivelé, un rayon de soleil, une note de musique et quelques gourmandises. Toujours 1 ou 2 teams qu'on croise, on échange des bisous et des encouragements! . . Pour la récup ce sera ciné au Grand Rex pour voir Black Panther avec les @frenchfrogsocr. 🎬 Le concept ? En arrivant dans la salle tu choisis le meilleur emplacement puis tu éparpilles manteaux, sacs, écharpes et gants pour réserver une quinzaine de places avant de profiter du film en dégustant du pop corn en bonne compagnie 😆 Un week-end sympa maintenant j'attends avec impatience quelques degrés de plus au thermomètre 🙏🌡️☀️

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teaching my handsome nephew how to make cake🦋well done!I am a good teacher🦋

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Repost from @fascisttrump #Repost @hillaryforqueens with @get_repost ・・・ Let's ride this momentum all the way to November 2018 - then start writing laws. ✊✊✊The first sign that we’ve reached a new and different level comes in the form of a large protest that took place outside the headquarters of the National Rifle Association in Fairfax, Virginia last night, taking the demand for action to the organization that is dead set on not only preventing any action at all, but actively promoting looser gun laws, in defiance of all logic but greed. The first sign that we’ve reached a new and different level comes in the form of a large protest that took place outside the headquarters of the #nra in Fairfax, #Virginia last night, taking the demand for action to the organization that is dead set on not only preventing any action at all, but actively promoting looser #gun laws, in defiance of all logic but greed. #florida #guncontrol #guncontrolnow #amerikkka #schoolshooting #mykids #yourkids #ourkids #releasethememo #donaldtrump #resistbigly #activism #activist #2018midterms #bluewave #nevertrump #DumpTrump #onwardtogether #strongertogether #resist #RESISTandPERSIST #sorrynotsorry #micdrop

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Kenalin nih Ketua UMUM OSIS SMK Bakti Indonesia kuningan periode 2017-2018 @_adelia017 . Berikut struktur jabatan osis periode 2017-2018 SMK BI Kuningan. Pembina : Ade Silvia Yuliawan S.p @ade210787 Ketua UMUM : Adelia Ketua 1 : Reza Gunawan Ketua 2 : Sella Trifimarella Ketua 3 : Asri Nuraini O Sekretaris : 1. Alma Viranti 2. Aulia Anggraeni Bendahara : 1. Ira Novianti 2. Syita Nurul SEKBID 1 (Keagamaan) 1. Rinita (KOORDINATOR) 2. Nissa 3. Siti Fariza SEKBID 2 (Kedisiplinan) 1. Andres M Rachman (KOORDINATOR) 2. Evi Silvya 3. Muhammad Reza Pahlevi 4. Riki Martin SEKBID 3 (Keilmuan) 1. Yulia Putri (KOORDINATOR) 2. Fadlan M. F 3. Serina Sri Mulyani SEKBID 4 (Wawasan Kebangsaan) 1. isya Aura A (KOORDINATOR) 2. Asti Nurrizky 3. Al ayya Kazhaini SEKBID 5 (Jurnalistik) 1. Nissa Nurfitri (KOORDINATOR) 2. Sri Wulandari 3. Devi SEKBID 6 (Seni Budaya) 1. Nita R (KOORDINATOR) 2. Riska Sulistiawati 3. Ikah Solikah SEKBID 7 (Inventaris) 1. Aditya Nur F (KOORDINATOR) 2. Mesa Lestari 3. Putri Ira SEKBID 8 (Keolahragaan) 1. Emilda Tri L ( KOORDINATOR) 2. Adi Ikbal Maulana 3. Nuroh Al Otesan. Itulah Big Family OSIS Periode 2017-2018. Wait di angkatan berikutnya ya rekan. Pemuda Calon Pemimpin Bangsa~ #smkbihits #osis_smkbi_kuningan #osis #BigFamily #fighter #smarter #strongertogether

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“Sis, your job is not to make people love you. Your job is to love yourself and attract who’s meant for you.” Good Monday morning! Had to repost this quote, as it’s a good reminder that as we make our life choices whether they be fitness, work or kid related, have confidence and believe in your ability to be successful at one or ALL! There won’t come a time when EVERYONE will support you, have your own back, your tribe will be clear in the end. Photograph by the talented @peppermint.wind.portraits #fitnessphotograph #lifestylephotographer #fitnessjourney #quoteoftheday @roshawnnanovellus thank you! #personaltrainer #momlife #motivationalquotes #motivationmonday #fitnessmotivation #gymmotivation #strongertogether #progressionnotperfection #photoconfident @herwellwisher #whatsyourstory #gypsywarrior love this shirt oldie but goody!

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Hoe om te gaan met tegenslagen? Wat nu? Als alles verkeerd gaat, je blijft je ongelukkig voelen, je hebt geen idee wat je wilt en je blijft maar doen wat je iedere dag doet: stressen, rennen en vliegen? Niets gaat goed en je blijft keer op keer weer terug keren in die verschrikkelijke stemming. Goed nieuws, je kunt er nu meteen iets aan doen! Houdt ermee op om al die golven tegen te houden, stop met vechten. En wat bedoelen we daarmee? Tegenslagen en problemen horen bij het leven. Ze helpen je te groeien, stellen je doorzettingsvermogen en vastberadenheid op de proef en maken je sterker! Ze zorgen ervoor dat je beter met situaties leert omgaan en dagen je uit om steeds een stapje verder te gaan. Je kunt het vergelijken met leren lopen, dan kom je ook steeds een beetje hoger op je beentjes te staan, net zolang totdat je met je koppie boven de tafel uit komt, zelfstandig kunt blijven staan en uiteindelijk wegloopt. Dit lijkt allemaal veel minder dramatisch, maar het is precies hetzelfde. We zijn er alleen anders naar gaan kijken. Toen werd je namelijk nog aangemoedigd door je omgeving en tegenwoordig wordt je eerder weerhouden om te gaan waar je echt in gelooft, doordat mensen zeggen: “Moet je dat nu wel doen? Dat lukt je toch niet, weet je dat wel zeker?” I.p.v. : “Wat tof! Ga ervoor!” Want wanneer jij hierin blijft geloven, dan gaat het je lukken om rechtop te staan, je hoofd omhoog te houden en vrolijk weg te lopen. Je verandert dus absoluut niks aan je situatie met geschreeuw en gespring. Je kunt je beter voor ogen houden dat er altijd een einde komt aan deze moeilijke tijden en als het zover is beleef jij weer leuke tijden! Denk de volgende keer als je weer in zo’n moeilijke tijd zit eens: “Ook dit gaat voorbij.” Neem eens een bevalling als voorbeeld: Op het moment zelf kun je je vast heel veel dingen bedenken die fijner zijn, maar wanneer je kindje er eenmaal is, dan zou je niet meer anders willen! Wat jou ook zou kunnen helpen als je met een tegenslag te maken hebT. LEES NU VERDER OP: http://www.willbestrong.com/blog/hoe-om-te-gaan-met-tegenslagen/

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Check out our chocolate and vanilla sponge cake mix . . For ordering: 📍falcon's eye marketing 📲06-5358998✔️ 📲www.femco.ae 📲instagram : femco.ae 📲facebook :falcons eye mktg 📲whatsapp :0559080383 . #blank #strongertogether #cake #birthdaycake #cakelove #christmas #christmascake #nakedcake #rusticcake #weddingcake #rusticwedding #cakeinspiration #cakestagram #cakesofinstagram #celebrationcake #cakeoftheday #cakegram #cakedesign #instackes #feedfeed #lovefood #f52grams #sweettooth #beautifulcuisines #homebaker #thebakefeed #thecakeblog #cakecouture #baking #chocolatecake

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Monday bench day!! 2sec Paused 1x6 at 72.5%(185) 1x4 at 77.5%(195) 1x2 at 82.5%(205) T&G Bench 2x8 at 75%(190). Overhead Press, Dumbbell Flyes, Face-Pulls and Planks. Let’s start this week off awesome Fam!! @eastracemuscle @baxtermc @midwestspidey @ryansheakswellness @evlsports #eastracemuscle #strongertogether #trainwithlions #community #southbend #powerlifting #bench #benchpress #buildthechestfucktherest #chesticles #pecflyes #pecs #trexarms #dadbod #bikiniprep #samplestreetsoldier #5amcrew #ryansheakswellness #evl #evlutionnutrition #engn #evlstackedprotein

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Fantastic advice below from @drrebeccamoore ・・・ Birth Trauma. Perinatal Trauma. PTSD. Postnatal PTSD. Perinatal PTSD. These terms are confusing and used poorly. Birth Trauma does not equal PTSD. Not all postnatal illness is depression. To me Birth Trauma is a spectrum. It’s the unique response of a woman to her birth that felt difficult, scary, sudden, overwhelming or shocking. It is the woman’s subjective experience and her story alone. Birth doesn’t have to be dramatic or medically life threatening to cause distress, it might be the way someone spoke to you or at you or ignored you that is the source of your distress. That’s valid. Don’t minimize it. If you feel distressed that’s where we work from. Trauma might display itself by thinking about the birth all the time, having visual flashbacks or nightmares and feeling anxious and irritable or easily overwhelmed. Sleep and concentration might change and there might be a send of constantly scanning for dangers or risks or avoiding seeing friends or families. PTSD is a medical diagnosis where women have to have a full checklist of the above symptoms. So a woman has all the symptoms in all the categories to have PTSD. A woman who is traumatized after birth might have some of the symptoms so doesn’t have PTSD but is still profoundly affected. PTSD doesn’t just happen to soldiers or the military, 4% of women have a PTSD after birth. To me what is most important is how your day to day life is affected and I prefer to think of psychological injuries or distress not disorder. To me, the symptoms make complete sense of our bodies and minds trying to process a huge emotional event. That’s a normal response not disorder. Healing from trauma takes time. It’s not a nice neat linear recovery, symptoms can ebb and flow over many months or years. Some symptoms may fade on their own. Sometimes we can feel stuck and will need support to heal. @lilymaemartin’s beautiful art.

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No mess? No injections and treatments? And certainly no warm surprises underneath your pillows and blankets? What more do these pupcakes have to offer? 😍

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Alarm came quick this morning 😴- but I SPRUNG out of bed. I was just soooo giddy to push play on day one!! So thankful to have @courtney__wilson__ sweating right beside me. Talk about motivation!! Now it’s time to quickly rinse off and head to the airport. 😥 Goodbye South Carolina! I will DEFINITELY be back. #happyhealthyhumble

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#Repost @rak.gymwear with @get_repost ・・・ HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT ABUSE ??? Now that I have your attention...Rak likes to promote strong females not just physically strong but mentally strong and females creating a strong group together and Rak is a supporter of the charity fund raiser #pullingforprotection. It's raising money to donate to White Ribbon and also Barnardos in a world record attempt truck pull. The prize in this is just a bonus the real prize is being a part in the fight against domestic violence and child abuse. Now..how you can help AND WIN !! Each $10 donation to https://www.gofundme.com/pullingforprotection is an entry in this $500 raffle 😳👏So if you donate $30 thats 3 entries. 100% of all donations go to these charities. The winner receives a $200 Rak Gym Wear Voucher and this incredible list of sups direct to your door 2 x Bulk Nutrients Gym Bags 3 x Shakers 1 x Bag of Future Way (Cola) 1 x Bag of Protein Matrix (salted caramel 👏) 1 x Bag of BCAA's (Lemonade) 2 x Gym Towels...Samples of Protein Oats, Protein Ball Mix, Protein Mousse, Mug Cake, Protein Pancakes, Hot Whey, Muscle Food 101, Thermo Whey, Protein Matrix, Whey Protein Concentrate, Isolate, hyper Hydrolyse and Finally Two Shirts. We'd like to thank Bulk Nutrients for their generous donation and collaboration on this cause..thanks for the love guys. You can follow the journey on the event page Pulling For Protection on FB Donation link is in bio 💗 #sistersliftingsisters #pullingforprotection #strongertogether #raffle #freesupps #activewear #whiteribbon #saynotoviolence #saynotoviolenceagainstwomen #pullingforprotection #noexcuseforabuse #donate #everybithelps

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*Disclaimer* This is not me today 😃 After clocking up 39 miles last week in the interest of #marathontraining today is #restday but for all you keen #mondaymovers here is this weeks #sweatwithsass workout. This full #bodyweight circuit can be performed anywhere. I opted for the outdoors to combine fresh air and #fitness 🌳💪 . . 1️⃣Heel flicks 2️⃣Side squats 3️⃣Squat w/floor tap 4️⃣Squat pulses 5️⃣Single leg raises 6️⃣Lunges 7️⃣Jumping jacks 3 rounds of 30 seconds work 10-15 seconds rest 💪 . . Wearing sparkly @nikewomen @jdwomen leggings ✨✨✨ . . . #homeworkout #outdoorfitness #homeworkouts_fit #fitgram #igfit #fitgoals #getfittogether #myactiveyear #getctive #strongwomen #strongereveryday #myactivetribe #strongnotskinny #googleplay #workoutmotivation #strongertogether #mondaymotivation #parkworkout #fitspiration #fitnessgram #workoutanywhere #morningworkout #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney

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Kelas Sore Pilates Core! 16:30 setiap Selasa & Kamis. 600k/bulan. Registrasi sekarang via 0816759763 Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or regain energy, the Pilates Core class with @minaermina at Sktr9 Studio have you covered! Ladies only class. #strongertogether #bintaro #fitness #kelassenam #kelaspilates #kelaspilatesbintaro #kelaspilatesjakarta #kelassenambintaro #kelaszumba #zumbabintaro #muslimahsehat #fitnessmusimah #pertemanansehat #bintaro #workout #perpussktr9 #jangankasihkendor