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This photo has unbelievable story. It was just a regular tuesday around 12oclock am. It happened about 15 meters from the shore of White Nile near Loa Town. Like every day I was on my way for shooting (with camera) some really agressive crocodiles. We went there by craved canoe boat and I started to pack out filming gear. Suddenly one of our guides whispered something and pointed to the left on the shore. There it was - this beauty gazing on the sands with pleased look. I grabed my camera and took some shots of this beast but suddenly on the last click off cameras shutter button something really fast and with no warning jumped on us and flipped over entire boat. We just couldnt react fast enough. This was dead end. I could saw crocodiles from shore running in the water for us. I almost felt teeth coming through my hips into hipbones. Luckaly I woke up and rolled to other side in my bed.😆 Next day I went to zoo and took this photo. #ReWild #Nile #wildlifephotography #canon #canonlatvia #canonwildlifephotography #canon300mmf4 #canon80d #nature #crocodile #africa #telephoto #llense #story #wildlife #sunnyday