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a few minutes ago

hi, marcia here. i’m here to post random shit 💕💖💞 enjoy my acc !

a few minutes ago

gn mornin fellas i haye lekes i haye memes i hate mekes i hate lekes i hate memes took me 5 tries hbu

11 minutes ago

the most dysfunctional family. i stan.

18 minutes ago

it WAS a family. requested by violet_dolan_cloutgang app: video star #omgpage

24 minutes ago

Kdjfjdkrkdkd guys ok. I posted the jerika edit i promised. I didnt like it on my feed so i deleted it... Then i came back with this pic so that i could put the edit with this one but noooo. I fuckin deleted it!!! I'm so sorry but im gonna make a new one tomorrow (a better one hehe) :) ♡ @erikacostell

40 minutes ago

Hollywood bowl is jake Paul confirmed #team10

47 minutes ago

hi daddy:)

5 months ago

@chrisbrownofficial "Heart Break on a Full Moon" 🔥 vibes, got us reminiscing on his other 🔥🔥! Tag him pleaseee❤

7 months ago

If I ain't got you sister.. 👯 LINK IN BIO!

8 months ago

When God gives you your bestfriend as your twin sister..💕 LINK IN BIO FOR LIT THROWBACK PLAYLIST!