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what a mf queen omg YALL IM MEETING AN INTERNET FRIEND i’m so fuzolckzkzkp @lanadelrey

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Song - Ride x Emily King ⚡️ • • • Hi kids 😁 I’ve CHANGED MY USERNAME 😳 I never thought i would but i was getting sick of my old one. This is still a grethan account by the way, but I’ll mainly be posting ethan since he’s my fave 🤷🏾‍♀️ sO enjoy my first post as: @CryingOverEthan ✨ ily all 💗 Tag E? @ethandolan #GraysonDolan #EthanDolan #DolanTwins #Grethan #BromieOmie #EthanDolanEdits #GraysonDolanEdits #GrethanEdits #DolanTwinsEdits #TheDolanTwins

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I laughed so hard 😂

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why are they so perfect 😍😍😩

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⇨ i fear that this came off as a grethan edit, when truly, it honestly isn’t. i mean, you can take it as one, but i didn’t edit this based off of grethan, i based it off of the fact that sometimes brotherly love, or even sisterly love, can be more powerful than actual love itself. i love these two boys with all my heart, and to know that they are just two brothers, taking on the world and smiling while doing it, truly proves to me that love is powerful and we all deserve it, from our brothers, our sisters, others, and ourselves. @graysondolan @ethandolan @dolantwins fc 80 ib & dt serenity 🍡💍💞 @wildflowerdolans

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Good morning ♡

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I relate to this so much cause this one group of friends I used to have was all about embarrassing each other and if one of us was doing something we would regret later the rest of us would just sit back, watch, and have our laughs... we were evil😂~A •follow @flyingdolxns for more -tags #ethandolan #ethandolanmeme #ethandolanmemes #ethandolanedits #ethandolanimagine #dolantwins #dolantwinsmemes #dolantwinsmeme #dolantwinsedits #dolantwinsimagines #thedolans #thedolantwins #meme #memes #memesdaily @ethandolan @dolantwins