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5 years ago today I was scared, I was terrified & I was lost. I didn't know how to get better, I didn't know how to ask for help I just knew I needed it. So I checked myself into rehab on January 19th 2013 where my life changed forever. To make a really, really long story short, 5 years ago I promised the woman I was with that I would get better so her and I could have a life together. Now people will tell me but that is not the reason to get clean. But I can tell you first-hand but five years later it's the only reason I had at the time, and it worked. Through all of our ups and downs, with the exception of my daughter you have been the one constant that has never left my side. I wouldnt be here today without you. I would not be the man I am. This day is as much yours as it is mine. I am so thankful and foutunate to be able to share it with you Michele. You opened my eyes 5 years ago. And recently opened my eyes again to just how lucky I am today. I may have forgotten for a minute but I promise you I will never forget again. I love you @michelegradydesigns #revivedrecovery #cleanandsober #5yearsclean #changeispossible #addictionawareness

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“Empress of the soil, within your roots creatures toil. As it’s raining goat bones from the sky, nail biters with white lighters - Don’t get stigmata in the Bible Belt. You’re never too old to be cursed.” - @paulycreepo. Unfinished artwork by @ninacouldbelizards! #poetry #artwork #acrylic #satanic #thelema #93 #satanism #darkpoetry #weirdpoetry #satanicart #witch #witchy #witchyart #strangeart #duality #lefthandpath #LHP #asabovesobelow #clovenhoof #clovenhoofmarksthypath

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Not deep, direct.

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There is no pre-destiny, no wheel of karma, no reincarnation dictated by some controlling cosmic force. No entity that controls our future by some divine tyranny. No predetermined fate spoken by oracles, written on old parchment, nor set in stone or stars. The pilgrim along the Left Hand Path knows and/or insists that their fate is dictated exclusively by their own Will. For even if such a harmonious system exists, the very definition of the LHP is to go against the harmony of nature and the Cosmic order to make ourselves our own Gods of our own forged fate. We do not accept, we RESIST AND CREATE! Thus the Terminator II film got this Great Truth correct, but with this added incentive we have a true Creed for the Left Hand Path: 'Resist and Create; No Fate But What We Make.' So Mote It Be.

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ON HOW TO SELL YOUR SOUL TO SATAN: Recently, I was contacted by a very naive, young and intellectually-deficient person who ask me how to sell his soul to Satan. I've also seen this topic branded about among some so-called'Satanic' groups. Now the internet is full of these instructions on how to perform this ritual, and those that aren't completely made-up by the websites author, come from age-old Faustian Rites taken from medieval grimoires ( though many are in truth 19th century frauds) on how make a bargain with the devil wherein you exchange your immortal soul for worldly or supernatural power. As a Master of the Dark Arts and accredited scholar of the LHP I am of course familiar with these old rites, and thus can attest with certainty that they are complete BULLSHIT. These Rituals or rites, all of which are based on Judaeo-Christian cosmology, DO NOT WORK AT ALL, nor are they based in any reality. Also, whether you adhere to LaVeyan Satanism, Setianism or Luciferianism, this practice and belief is incompatible with the philosophy of the Left Hand Path. All of these legitimate forms of the Left Hand Path view the self as the only existing entity worthy of worship, and many seek to enhance that individual psyche in a process of self-deification.Whether the Prince of Darkness exists is a matter of experience, philosophical tradition, and opinion, but regardless of these differences all true practitioners of these LHP disciplines could find nothing more repugnant than the idea of selling or enslaving their soul, their inner self or egocentric psyche,to any beings control other than themselves.You'll usually find belief in this lunacy among the so-called 'Theistic/Spiritual Satanists' who are not LHP, and are, quite frankly, confused RHP followers that adhere to a fatalistic Christian cosmology that willingly picks the losing side in useless spite because it's rebellious and 'cool'.Hence, complete attention-seeking,degenerate morons. Thus even if Satan accepted such bargains ( he doesn't), he would refuse the deal, as he is too shrewd to negotiate for such useless goods as these imbeciles have to offer. Stay to the Left of the Path, my Brethren.

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night studies

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"My enemies call me Crowley, because they wish to treat me foully. My friends call me Crowley, because they think I'm holy." ☆ Note the symbolism is all Saturnian. (Death, Time, Black, Nature) Gun = tool of death Cube = symbol of Saturn Mushrooms = time warpers Skeletons = result of death Horns = tools of death Middle Fingers = finger associated with Saturn Black = a qabalistic color of Saturn

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-🔥🔥🔥 - Ride the Cosmic energy waves.. don't let them drag you. Its like surfing.. just like it.. When a wave takes you.. you gotta get up on it and surf....its going to take you to the beach no matter what.. but when you get up on it.. you have room to navigate.. expect the bumps.. plan your next move. All the sleepers out there are like rubbish being tossed wherever.. sometimes good, as luck would have it.. but mostly beat up on the rocks. Ride it all out, my friends.💫 - -Golden Hawk . . . . #dragonmagick #magick #esoteric #gnostic #witchy #lucifer #saturn #witch #pagan #wiccan #viking #seraphim #lilith #horus #source #Love #pineal #thoth #spirit #art #astrology #sirius #universe #thelema #3rdeye #shaman #mystic

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I have received a few questions regarding how a man can choose the correct Goddess to worship. There are essentially 10 Goddess types that are possible to exist in the world; these are personified best by the ten Mahavidyas, which show in the most Universal sense the 10 main types of "maha" yonis a person can get absorbed into. Every Goddess of any culture falls under one of these 10 types, but is a real and specific being despite being able to be classified under one of these ten Universal archetypes. Aphrodite is her own Goddess distinct from Inanna, but is still under the control of the planet Venus, as she is an emanation of this particular planetary ray. For this reason, a man should not assume that Lakshmi or Freja is the same as Aphrodite... and that their worship is equivalent, as they are, in truth, distinct and complete beings of their own, but all emanations of Venus. For this reason, a man should remain open as to the specific Goddess he belongs to if he is not sure. A man's Goddess is often most distinctly present in his life when he is born and her symbols and imagery surround him in his childhood, due to him having just separated from her embrace. Her vibrations and presence are all around him at this time, so going back to your earliest memories and experiences is a good way to being to know who she is. Due to the personal nature of this matter, a person should be truly unbiased and understand that many different kinds of beings incarnate in human bodies, and one man or culture's Goddess is another person or culture's Demoness. The best thing for a man to do if he is not certain who his Goddess is, is to worship the planet that rules his 7th house; the planets are mechanical in nature, and this will ensure that his phallic energy is directed only towards his actual Goddess (as it directs it through the link to your everlasting consort). When his energy it is pointed toward the 7th lord it can only go to his Goddess, even if she is not physically incarnated. This is the safest route for a man, especially in regards to any emissions of semen he may have, to be directed in this way... the rest of the article will be on my site, link in bio🖤