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8 hours ago

Asking "how to follow my true path?" then locating the chariot and reading its surrounding cards . Ace of swords jumped out just as I was visualizing it . Simple answer= mind, ecstasy, action. Longer answer= the ace of swords has no impetus if it's own, it is the result of the marriage of fire ad water , a fun side effect of a loving union . Humanity is the result of that love . We don't come into this universe we come out of it . On a micro scale, our thoughts and decisions come out of it . We are all doing our personal "great work". The higher will is always there , ecstasy is always there , it's up to us if we will subscribe to the cosmic truth as permeates our brains and bodies . Feeling the clarity and confidence that "there is no part of me that is not of the gods" we can go fourth resiliently taking right action , giving nurturing and celebrating the dance of matter. You only need to think one thing at a time . One visualization , one focus , one deep breath can reflect your higher self . Making the decision to move forward is the hardest part . The rest you just ride along . #thothtarot #93 #aleistercrowley #tarotreadersofinstagram #hga #zen #truewill #doasthouwilt #kabbalah #qabalah #adept #abrahadabra #iao #thelema #will

9 hours ago

Thanks to my dream girl motivating me to run 5km, I jogged 13 laps around a football field.I ABHOR jogging but I'm crazy about the girl so I sucked it up😍 It was my first jog in 2 years so I'm quite pleased I dove right back in(I honestly can't take credit). Here is a post jog bicep Selfie.I still have fuel in the tank for six sets of wide grip benching,my earlier workout was just a tease 💚 #Eros #Amour

a day ago

Tonight was all about intensity during chest day.Set a new PR for quickest 50 flat pushups,1:20.Followed by 20 decline push-ups on each step to hit a plethora of decline angles and stimulate maximum muscle fibers.It took 8:05 seconds to do 110 pushups,I was getting in party mode but decided to cut the party short to spare some glycogen for a 5km jog tonight when it cools down.I feel like such a party pooper but if I feel up to it,I'll bench like a party animal after my jog(I want to wide grip bench for aesthetics).Homage to fellow Thelemite @andrewwk 🙋Andrew defines partying as doing what you love & partying hard as doing what you love with all your heart. #PushUpParty #Suntanning #Sun #MorningStar #Sirius #SiriusA #Luminosity #ShineLikeSirius #Astrology #Leo