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De pronto para unos va a ser algo estúpido pero para mi ha sido un día muy chevere, siempre había querido ver la nieve, y pues aquí estoy ❄😊😇 #snow #love #WLYG #thelookout

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This Is my craft.... this is my passion like understand that I won’t sleep if I have to... I literally won’t eat if that’s what it took. My mom sacrificed everything to give me these opportunity’s... I don’t take that for granted #aspiretoinspire

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Tones for a California winter. 📍 LA

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Earthquake vs Aftermath

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We're all different.. the more we realize that the more we will see each person and experience as something new and see them for who they are. We can't change anyone so the best thing that we can do is be ourselves, let things flow, and relax🌞We want change yes so we must be the change first and that starts with each of us trying and continuing to do our best in anything we do. We are more blessed than we know🙏🏽

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stick to my girl like glue

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Don’t make me pull out my joker 🃏

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the key to any successful “ship” is communication. i feel like anything that you look for in/from a person derives from straightforward communication. in today’s society, people are so technology driven, that no one knows how to hold a genuine convo. speak your mind, don’t hold your tongue and be honest with yourself & others! closed mouths don’t get fed ✨ peace & blessings 🤟🏼