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40 minutes ago

You set a fire within myself. Have you met people that completly surprised you? Shook your complete core. And you thought you never meet someone like that? Yes we are all different in some ways but characters can overlap or someone may remind you of someone else. So interesting characters are harder to come by. Soulful people with passion in not only their eyes but in the way they live ignite me. My travels have opened doors to meeting some pretty rad people or my not my cup of tea. I take it all in. Because people come and go. Even if you like some to stay a bit longer in your life. You can't make them stay but you have the time that you do. Live a little, live a lot. Hanging on to these moments. Goodnight/morning from Switzerland x

6 hours ago

Something I love about photography is that it gives me an excuse to reach out and hangout with so many amazing people that I wouldn't have the opportunity to otherwise! @jaydaiye is no exception, an absolute gem and I'm so glad I got to hangout and take some fun pictures with her in Nashville a couple weeks ago! Also how great is her hair 😍

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12:07 a.m. -- and that's it for tonight. Proofs are made and emailed, samples are sent, files are backed up, cameras are checked, lenses are cleaned, batteries are charged -- ready to do it all over again tomorrow. @queen_k_slays . . . ©2017 #amarillophotographer #lubbockphotographer #portraits #portraiture #texasgirl #texasmodel #texasmodels #themodelmag #portraitpage #mad_portraits #pursuitofportraits #portraitmood #portsmagazine #aovportraits #PortraitVision #makeportraitsnotwar #portraitenvy #lubbockmodel #amarillo #amarillomodels #glamour #altmodel #altfashion #altstyle