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4 hours ago

So I couldn't take many photos of no due to how uncomfortable it was. So I changed out of her and let her make up/ wig and bows on. I have so many pictures with my legs... cause why not... ENJOY THIS SEMI SORTA REVEALING PHOTO LOLOLOL (this is the most revealing I have done RIP) I really like this look btw like ahhhh I'm in love LOLOL ( @dank_hime influence.. LOLOL)

6 hours ago

Surprise! Here's to starting a new chapter in my life. I've loved tattoos since I saw my dad come home with a tribal sun on his back. Now I get to come home with art of my own. @inklesswonder is seriously amazing. I am so in love with this tattoo. It fits me so incredibly well. I can't thank him enough for taking time to work and teach me about tattoos. It's gonna be an interesting ride but I'm ready for it. It's my life. It's my future. Here's to a new 2018. 🤘 #inked #americantraditional #skull #5hours #tattoospam #itsmyyear #workforwhatyouwant #mybody #art #loveit #perfect #snake #greens #flowerpower #bold #thigh

7 hours ago

So this happened today! Birthday gift to myself 🙃 there’s still some finishing touches to do. Looks just like my boy! 😍

8 hours ago

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