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a few minutes ago

Wrapped up like Shackleton.... if he had glitzy unicorn sun-goggles and his fingers all bunches up in the wrong fingers in his gloves β€˜cos he won’t let his mum help... but nevertheless, ready for the big cold... πŸ˜β„οΈπŸ—»πŸ§€πŸ§€πŸ›· #toddlersofinstagram #readyforadventure #biroandtunnocksteacakeface

a few minutes ago

There are many things as a parent that you can't do with a beautiful little toddler. You can't go shopping peacefully, wrap Christmas presents, eat or drink anything of your own without sharing, go to the loo alone, or take one minute to focus on something other than your child as this happens! Yes he found and sniffed a marker pen! Don't worry, it came off with a bit of snot and a wet wipe after a tantrum so all is good here! #toddlersofinstagram #mumstrying #mumsoftoddlers #mytoddlersthedevil ❀❀❀❀

a few minutes ago

Double denim and I don’t even care #coffee

10 minutes ago

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10 minutes ago

Christmas has come early, oh my gosh @maisieslittlebowtique is just the best πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜­πŸ˜β£οΈ

15 minutes ago

Basking in the sun and playing some tunes !

17 minutes ago

Erik when he was extremely tired shortly before he fell asleep πŸ˜”πŸ˜‚

18 minutes ago

When she first heard Santa was coming she ran away and hid. Don't know if she knows what to thibk of the big man yet πŸŽ…

23 minutes ago

Breakfast. Santa. Friends. Play. DISCO LIGHTS BOUNCY CASTLE! It's been a very full toddler morning!

36 minutes ago

JorJor: Momo, can I ask you something serious? Momo: Sure. We always have deep talks in elevators. JorJor: I love my teachers so much, they are so fun and talented. But I am going to graduate into another class next year and they won’t be there. Should I love them less so I won’t be so sad when I move or get jealous because they start to care about other kids? Momo: Hmmm. I think people do think that way, so you are not odd for thinking that. But us dogs don’t live that way. We don’t care if our owner will leave tomorrow or will love other people, we just love. Love is about giving, not what happens when it is given. JorJor: It sounds so simple, but do you think people can do that too? Momo: Sure. I told you before, I am convinced that Mama is part dog. She always tells people, even strangers, exactly what she loves about them, especially when she is touched by their talent, and she never cares what anyone says or thinks. Her problem is that she also tells them what she doesn’t like about them. Maybe you could do better there. Hahahah.

36 minutes ago

Tired. Pretty much shuffling around like a drunk slug here. Mini-me came in to our room for the 412th consecutive night. We had it all last night: copious amounts of fidgeting, too hot, too cold, coughing fits, covers being thieved away from me, too hot, psycho cat, too cold, banged head. And that was before midnight. #drunkslug How tired are you on this fine, happy morning?

45 minutes ago

Rational exuberance (Christmas is for the kids).

45 minutes ago

Baking with Nanny today πŸ’›

54 minutes ago

2nd time I've posted my child eating today... 2nd time there has been mess in the background... What can I say... he even makes spag bol cute! #sorrynotsorry