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11 minutes ago

Wicked 💚 full balayage + green-ify 🔮

an hour ago

I love this lady! She went from super long and faded brown to short and super dark! 👌🏻

2 hours ago

Happy Friday everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Can't believe next week is Thanksgiving. You know what that means holiday parties are almost here. Here's a little throwback of hairstyle that's ideal for any holiday party. Have a wonderful weekend everyone #megs_shear_beauty - - - - - - - - - - - - @hair.videos @hair.video @styleartists @hair.artistry @hypnaughtypower @nails.brows.hair @hudabeauty @hair.feed @styleartists @peinadosvideos @hair.trending @shimycatsmua @sharethelove4beauty @tutorialesvideos @peachyqueenblog @awesomemakeu.p @make.up.vines @trendyhairtutorial @beautyandhairdiaries @vital.makeup.tips

2 hours ago

I loved every minute of spicing up her color!! Change is so fun!!